Hoops Thoughts: Allen and Jones

Andrew Jones (Will Gallagher/IT)

As you all are likely aware, Andrew Jones made it official last night and declared for the draft meaning both of Texas’ high level freshmen (along with Jarrett Allen) have submitted their names to the NBA without hiring an agent.

Inside the Gameplan: Applying Dave Aranda to Texas

Todd Orlando (Will Gallagher/IT)

When Dave Aranda took his crafty and thoroughly modern defensive scheme from Wisconsin to LSU it seemed a potentially terrifying combination. The only question was how long it would take for Aranda’s more complex, protection-busting schemes to connect with an athletic LSU roster that had been successful in a different system for some time.

Foreman’s Pro Day performance benefits re-shaped runner

D'Onta Foreman. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Former Texas running back D’Onta Foreman missed most of what he called his “biggest job interview to date” in the NFL Scouting Combine due to a stress fracture in his left foot. As he recently penned in Men’s Health, Foreman entered into the combine in the best shape of his life thanks to a new nutrition plan, he just was not able to prove it.

Parsing 2018 QB recruiting for Texas

Casey Thompson at the UA camp at Cedar Hill. (Justin Wells/IT)

A fun thing about recruiting is evaluation and seeing a staff’s big board materialize before you. It’s one of the reasons people geek as hard as Fuddward on the NFL draft. Often times staff’s are forced to give away their intentions through offers but in recent years offers aren’t what they use to be, otherwise Texas would already have its quarterback in the class, imo.