Foreman wins Doak Walker Award

D'Onta Foreman. (Will Gallagher/IT)

D’Onta Foreman was honored on Thursday night as the 2016 winner of the Doak Walker Award, given annually to best running back in college football. The award was presented by Calvin Hill (Yale) at the College Football Awards Show inside the College Football Hall of Fame.

Running Thursday recruiting updates

Walker Little. (Will Gallagher/IT)

The Texas staff has been hitting the trail hard recently, and Thursday afternoon was no change. Coaches visited Houston and East Texas, offering several prospects across Houston and Dallas, including some committed to other schools. The IT Staff has more inside.

Recruiting Notebook – 12/8/16 + Quotes from new offers

Bryson Smith. (courtesy of Mark Martin/ETSN)

This week’s Notebook starts north of DFW for a OL committed to Colorado, jumps to Central Texas for TE with hands and SMU on his mind, back over to East Texas for an electric athlete that can play anywhere, and finish in Brenham with a uniquely skilled LB pledged to UH. As usual, the Recruiting Notebook keeps you covered by Justin Wells and Ian Boyd.

Where does Charlie Strong end up?

Charlie Strong. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Licking your wounds at over 5 million per for the next two years (the number is $11,158,333 to be exact) is an enviable position, but assuming Charlie has little interest in painting landscapes or taking up birdwatching, there are a few interesting opportunities out there for him to explore. The biggest issue is what he finds personally palatable and adjusting his own self-image to that of the national consensus.

Inside the Gameplan: How does Herman win at Texas?

Patrick Vahe. (Will Gallagher/IT)

One of the most overlooked aspects of college football is the way that every program and every recruiting base is different. There’s tremendous overlap that’s easy to pick up on but there are also differences from state to state and program to program varying from resources, weather, demographics, and culture that really add up. Consequently, different programs are going to reach their ceiling through different strategies.

More Recruiting on a Tuesday

Walker Little with UT staff. (Courtesy of Little)

While Eric so eloquently described the new staff kicking up dust on the recruiting trail, I’ve gathered a few notes and quotes as Herman’s Hermits continue to run up the gas card expense account from Bellmont.

One thing I’ve noticed with the new staff that’s vastly different than Strong’s first go around are the established relationships with the prospects and new UT coaches inside the state. Just talking to kids in the last week, it’s very apparent that this staff built bonds with prospects they may never have had a shot with at UH, but now that they’re in Austin, are looking a little better.

New Texas staff kicking up dust on the trail

Josh Thompson. (Justin Wells/IT)

What I’m seeing and hearing right now is a staff that has a very clear plan. We’re noticing the mad rush to get into the ear of early enrollees, while also seeing contingencies set up for January in the event they are needed. Basically Tom Herman is operating a long cycle on a short clock and doing a pretty good job of managing his limited time, at least so far as I can tell.

No other position presents clearer resolution of controlled recruiting chaos than running back.