Inside Scoop – 7/3/15

Dee Anderson. (Will Gallagher/IT)

This Pre-Independence Day edition of the Scoop delivers in spectacular fashion. Get your fireworks ready because we’ve got Under the Lights info, what to expect from the Opening, and hoops are in full summer workouts. A little bit of everything in this holiday edition of the Scoop.

It’s easy to be down on Texas

Shiro Davis. (Will Gallagher/IT)

If the Texas Longhorns are going to play well in 2015, it will be much to the chagrin of seemingly anyone with an opinion about college football. I buy every college football magazine I find. It is what gets me through the dog days of summer when the only sport going is baseball in the middle of a 162-game season.

Going 99 yards with JK Dobbins

JK Dobbins. (Eric Nahlin/IT)

For 2017 La Grange running back, JK Dobbins, it was a healthy dose of the former and a tragic measuring of the latter that has made him one of the more mature 16-year olds you could possibly come across. Talking to him is like talking to a man about to disembark college and attack the world with equal parts knowledge and work ethic. Why would the real world be any different than how he attacks the football field?

The Gameplan: toughest stretch

Duke Thomas. (Will Gallagher/IT)

As difficult as Texas’ pre-conference schedules have been in recent years with stern tests like Ole Miss, BYU, and now Notre Dame, the opening stretch of Big 12 play in Texas’ 2015 season may prove to be an extraordinarily stiff challenge.

Culpepper Commentary: Preseason rankings

Tyrone Swoopes. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Just in case you are interested the 2015 Football Preview issues are now on sale and if they are really in the know a 6-7 record for Texas would really be a surprise. I mean this in a bad way. Except for Rice, California, Iowa State, West Virginia, Kansas, and Kansas State, the predictions at this point don’t look good for the Longhorns.

Mondays in the Humidor with the Big Cigar

Jerrod Heard. (Justin Wells/IT)

In this abbreviated edition of Mondays in the Humidor with the Big Cigar we’re still talking summer conditioning but at least the kids have ceased practicing against air and are now in full blown 7-on-7 mode. Our sources indicate some of the younger kids have made an impact through the first full week of the “voluntary” passing sessions.

Horns building riches in the backfield

Duke Catalon. (Will Gallagher/IT)

USC is and will forever be RBU. I’m a firm believer that once a school reaches the XXU status, they keep it barring a startling regression over a rather long period of time. No, LSU, a great run of defensive backs doesn’t trump UT’s history. It’s the way of things.

Under The Lights is back

DeMarco and Kris Boyd. (Justin Wells/IT)

It’s official. The 2nd annual Under The Lights camp will be held at DKR on July 18th. Last year’s event turned into an event when some of the state’s best showed up – Kris Boyd, Kai Locksley, Ryan Newsome, Holton Hill, DeShon Elliott… see where I’m going with this.