Fridays in the Humidor – 4/20/18 Part I

Patrick Hudson (Justin Wells/IT)

A big weekend lies ahead for the staff. First and foremost is the exhibition scrimmage on Saturday night. It’s not even a real scrimmage as the team is broken up differently than it normally is. Along with the scrimmage, Texas will host a very strong list of visitors. We’ll tackle that aspect of the weekend in Part II.

Inside the Gameplan: Lil’Jordan Humphrey

Lil'Jordan Humphrey (Will Gallagher/IT)

At 6-4, 220 with a background as a RB at powerhouse HS Southlake Carroll, Lil’Jordan Humphrey is a pretty unique football player. That was certainly Charlie Strong’s impression when he recruited him, “I don’t know what he is but I just know he’s a football player.”