Jesus Chronicles

Daje Johnson. (ill Gallagher/IT)

Here are a few notes that missed the Humidor, and a handful of practice notes headline this edition of the Jesus Chronicles.

Horns defense awaits Baylor challenge

Steve Edmond

Texas’ 23-0 blanking of Kansas was its first road shutout since it held Baylor scoreless in 2005. These days, the Horns could limit the Bears to half their NCAA-leading 56.8 points-per-game and still not cover the spread.

Mondays in the Humidor with the Big Cigar – 9/29/14

Malcolm Brown. (Will Gallagher/IT)

In this edition of the Humidor we have the goods on what’s ticking in Texas football. In Ryder Cup parlance, some like Ricky Fowler’s ironic flat cap while on the other hand, others decry his stupid, superficial shirk of traditional gentlemanliness of all things golf.

Misinformation everywhere

Charlie Strong. (Will Gallagher/IT)

There is a report about a zoo in China that had a caged marked “African Lion” and the animal inside barked at onlookers one day. As it turns out the animal in the cage was a Tibetan mastiff — a large, hairy breed of dog.

Goodell, Vincent meet with Strong

Charlie Strong. Will Gallagher/IT

Texas coach Charlie Strong met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Executive Vice President of NFL Operations Troy Vincent this morning in Austin, per Vincent’s Twitter feed.