Boyette on “IH-35 Showdown,” Haines on KSU execution, young players

Paul Boyette. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Senior defensive tackle Paul Boyette, after spending several years in this defense, knows where and how he and some of his teammates need to line up. In this defense, the defensive end is asked to line up on the inside of the tackle’s shoulders instead of on the outside. For many pass rushing defensive ends, this is different than what they are used to at the high school level, but Boyette says adjusting to the difference is a matter of effort.

Texas Recruiting New & Notes

Josh and Jordan Moore. (Justin Wells/IT)

The list of recruiting visitors for the Texas-Baylor game this weekend continues to grow. Some high profile in-state studs will make their way to Austin and check out the Longhorns. Here’s tidbits on each and where UT stands.

Stream of Consci__sness – 10/26/16

Jeff McCulloch and Malcolm Roach. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Let’s keep the disappointing season going with another SOC!

Before I started critiquing millionaire coaches from my once trendy, now passé couch, I worked in the real world like most of you poor (or rich) souls. That was the glamorous life that was industrial gas and welding supply sales in the mecca of that business, Houston, Texas.

Cole on improving the LB room, Buechele talks faith in WRs

Malik and Cole. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Senior Tim Cole is a member of what has been one of the most criticized units on this year’s Longhorn football team, the linebackers. Part of what has been plaguing the defense includes the opposing offensive line’s ability to get to linebackers and push them out of the way for their runner. The fix, according to Cole, is in the technique.

Inside the Gameplan: Surveying the Scene, Post-KSU

Charlie Strong. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Perhaps the most concerning element of the Texas defeat in Manhattan to Kansas State was how poorly the Texas run defense was executed. This dimension of the Longhorn squad is totally lost heading into a stretch in which they’ll face Baylor (282.8 rushing yards per game) and later West Virginia (206.5 rushing yards per game) at home.

Warrick, Williams on offensive focus, Baylor

Jacorey Warrick. (Will Gallagher/IT

Senior wide receiver Jacorey Warrick continues to enjoy a renaissance season under first year offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert’s offense and under the guidance of Jeff Traylor, whose responsibilities include coaching the inside receivers. With 19 catches for 207 yards and two touchdowns, Warrick is now one of the more efficient receivers in the Longhorn offense, an offense that gets the ball to several receivers.