2018 Texas Season Preview: Offensive Line

Derek Kerstetter (Will Gallagher/IT)

Derek Kerstetter (Will Gallagher/IT)

In the second installment of preseason positional previews, we’ll look at the most important unit on the team, and definitely the most important heading into the season: offensive line.

A year ago we were already wondering what Texas would do at left tackle with Connor Williams certain to depart after the 2017 season. With the addition of Rice graduate transfer Calvin Anderson, Tom Herman and Herb Hand filled that void as capably as the situation allowed. The question of left tackle is now largely answered and play will almost assuredly be drastically improved over last season but other questions have emerged. Fortunately there are some positive answers.

Injuries were the key ingredient to the s*** sandwich the team was forced to eat last season. Coordination and coaching weren’t great, more the wilted lettuce and green tomatoes, but not the meat of the problems.

Injuries are a crap shoot year in and year out. Predicting health is impossible though because fatigue often plays a role in injuries. It is encouraging the that the team is in good shape. Coordination is very likely upgraded with the addition of Herb Hand. He’ll make the call on blocking schemes, and since he’ll be the ones teaching scheme and technique coaching is also upgraded.

There are a couple more reasons to feel optimistic about improved line play: more experience at quarterback and significantly upgraded play at a tight end position that often serves as a ‘help’ offensive lineman.

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