2019 Bigs to the Rescue? A look at early offensive line options

Kenyon Green (Joe Cook/IT)

Kenyon Green (Joe Cook/IT)

For the class of 2019 to be considered a success, the offensive and defensive line haul needs to approximate that of 2018 wide receivers and defensive backs in quality.

That’s a tough act to follow, namely because the talent levels between the classes and positions favor 2018 by a wide margin. 2019 was misconstrued for a while as elite when it came to bigs when the truth is it’s just much better when compared to their 2018 counterparts. That’s not a hard feat to accomplish.

While there aren’t nearly as many elite recruits as one might hope, there are still tons of quality, upside options to parse over in-state. Because of the tremendous need for both o- and d-line talent, evaluation will be at a premium, especially when it comes to understanding their football mindset. It takes much more motivation to be a big football player than small one.

Texas has to hit, and hit big.

Let’s take a look at the early offensive line big board

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