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2020 Vision Part II: Names

Vernon Broughton. (Eric Nahlin/IT)
Vernon Broughton. (Eric Nahlin/IT)

PART I: Numbers

Now that we have an idea of what kind of numbers the staff is working with for the Class of 2020, let’s take another look at the current names pinging the radar the hardest.

Remember, tier one in-state athletes and tier one out-of-state athletes are the staff’s mindset. We saw how aggressively they recruited outside of the state’s borders last cycle and we’re seeing a continuation of that. This cycle will differ from the last, however, in that many out-of-state pursuits won’t be out of necessity, it will be out of practicality.

Below you’ll get an idea of the current big board. It’s not set in stone, rather it will evolve throughout the spring. This is a huge couple of months for the staff as they try to make excellent first impressions with first-time visitors, while also solidifying the school at the top of the wish list of those who are already on a first-name basis.

Texas hosted an Elite Day in late January that gave us a clear picture of the top targets. This weekend they’ll host more of a cattle call, though numerous priorities will attend with some new ones likely emerging.

Here’s how I view the main targets at this early juncture.

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