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Assessing Remaining 2019 Class Needs: Offense

Jared Wiley (Joe Cook/IT)
Jared Wiley (Joe Cook/IT)

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With recruiting ready to wake from its August coma, let’s take a look at what traits are missing from the class, and in some cases even the program, as we embark on the season-long push to the first National Signing Day.

For this exercise I’m not so much concerned with names as I am traits. We already know the primary targets, and we also know many more targets will emerge. For anybody new to the site, or in case you missed it the first time, this explains the factors and scenarios that will impact the class finish. Shorter version: recruiting can be really unpredictable.

To understand what a class needs, you must understand what a class already has and what the allocation is at each position. From there, once you understand the traits that are needed you can get a better idea of who fits the profile of what the staff is looking for. Often when I click on a Hudl I’ll say, “nice player, but they already have him” and move on to somebody else with the understanding that fit has already been taken.

This class will be large. Knowing what I know currently within the program, the staff could already take 26 players in this cycle without batting an eye. That tells you they could take 30 and still feel comfortable being within the 85 man framework in August.

However, it’s a new day and age and scholarships must be kept available for graduate transfers as @Scipio Tex recently pointed out. The most important needs are the ones that must be addressed immediately. The staff will be especially active for a few different types of players.

Our working number will be 28. It’s elastic.

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