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Status check on 2019s

Roschon Johnson (Justin Wells/IT)

While some are already concerned about the next cycle as if Texas was nearing the end of it, it has barely even begun. Let’s take stock of where Texas is with some of it biggest targets at this very early juncture.

Step 1: Offer the Elites

Noah Cain at the UA camp. (Justin Wells/IT)

The NCAA has almost engineered structure into every school’s recruiting calendar with two recent rule changes. In this cycle we saw the institution of the early signing period. That will be met this cycle with the ability for recruits to take official visits in the spring months of April and May. This is more of an aside, but if they just move the early signing period to August — equipped with an out clause if a head coach is fired — then the NCAA will have gotten these alterations correct in my view.

The Inside Scoop (PART II) – 12/26/17

Malik Jefferson. (Gallagher/IT)

Today is the eve of the last game of the season. You don’t want to play those this early in bowl season but it’s better than missing bowl season altogether.

While you’re reading this from the warm confines of your home or office, or your home office (me), the team is preparing like it always does the day before a game: