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What the Maryland game tells us about recruiting needs

Keaontay Ingram. (Justin Wells/IT)

This endeavor is a bit premature but I’ll happily update my thoughts as we accumulate more information, likely after USC.

Based on Saturday’s game there’s a chance Texas won’t exorcise demons until there’s significant roster turnover. The fastest way to accomplish that is with big recruiting classes, which should be on the order for the next two cycles. While you convulse as you remember I wrote the same damn thing in 2014, I’ll continue.

Stock Report: Up, Down, or Holding (#51-99)

Patrick Vahe. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Overall Texas is losing big bodies at a much greater clip than the little guys. Since Spring, Texas has lost Jordan Elliott, Marcel Southall, Elijah Rodriguez, and Jean Delance to injury or transfer. The big losses of course, being Elliott and a hard-charging E-Rod. Texas can’t afford many more losses in the trenches and some of the younger guys are going to need to step up. Let’s take stock of where we’re at.

Herman, Orlando, and Philosophical Alignment

Tom Herman. (Will Gallagher/IT)

There’s that word again. A word so well known just eight months into Tom Herman’s tenure I can probably get through this write-up without using it outside of the title.

The staff understands what’s expected of it every step of the way, from recruiting and keeping up with social media accounts to overseeing and instilling the all-important culture.