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Parsing 2018 QB recruiting for Texas

Casey Thompson at the UA camp at Cedar Hill. (Justin Wells/IT)

A fun thing about recruiting is evaluation and seeing a staff’s big board materialize before you. It’s one of the reasons people geek as hard as Fuddward on the NFL draft. Often times staff’s are forced to give away their intentions through offers but in recent years offers aren’t what they use to be, otherwise Texas would already have its quarterback in the class, imo.

UT’s clear recruiting runway

Al'Vonte Woodard. (courtesy of UA camp)

Pretty much every single important internal and external aspect of recruiting is going UT’s way currently, save overall in-state talent level, which is beyond the staff’s control. While these aspects haven’t led to any in-state commitments (that’s not a bad thing, they simply aren’t reaching) thus far, it’s led to quite a buzz with the in-state elites.

Some opinions/notes from the program

Chris Nelson. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Herman has said you can’t tell anything from watching players practice in underwear and it reminds me of something Cody Johnson told me years ago, “once we put the pads on it separates the men from boys. All the players at Texas look good until then.”

Checking in on Talent on the Coastal Plains

Andrew McGowan (Eric Nahlin/IT)

Increasingly football has become a year-round sport, and with it having the most scholarships to offer, that only makes sense. Gone are the days when athletes would show up to camps saying they were rusty, or haven’t thrown a football in two months because they were playing baseball.

The Demarcus Ayers Template

Demarcus Ayers (via Ayers' Twitter)

One of my lasting impressions in this job is pulling up to Lancaster’s Spring game in 2012. As I was walking to the field, I heard the instrumental to the timeless classic John by New Orleans musician Lil Wayne playing during the team stretch/hype period. At this point one might want to put the pads on too, at least until they started popping.

Longhorn leans, longshots, and in between

BJ Foster at UT's Junior Day. (Will Gallagher/IT)

We’ll use my rough draft Top 21 (for some reason Fuddy went with 21 — probably his attempt to blue ribbon more players into the Top 10 or 15) as a gauge to see where the state’s best are leaning at this point.

Of note, this is more based on my gut feeling and some rumblings than what players themselves are actually saying publicly.

Thompson high on Texas and vice versa

Casey Thompson. (Will Gallagher/IT)

The second Southmoore, Oklahoma, quarterback Casey Thompson was offered by UT it was easy to feel good about the Longhorns’ chances of landing the dual threat, despite his ties to the in-state Sooners. Fortunately for Texas, OU chose a quarterback from across the country, rather than the one who lived in its backyard and spent a lot of time in its film room.