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2018 Spring Primer: Wide Receivers

Lil'Jordan Humphrey hurdling (Will Gallagher/IT)

What looked like a talented and decently experienced group in 2017 had a disappointing season in many regards.

Again, I don’t want to re-hash last season but it is important to acknowledge this unit has a lot to prove. Today’s Spring Primer; Wide Receivers.

2018 Spring Primer: Defensive Line

Charles Omenihu. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Last year’s defensive line was led by long-time fan favorite Poona Ford. As you’d expect, the unit took on the workman-like image of the senior leader. He’ll be missed as much for his presence in the locker room, gym, and practice field as much as he will be for his steady contributions on Saturday. Losing Poona is the bad news, but there is plenty of reason to believe UT’s most consistent unit last year will repeat in the 2018 campaign. Today’s Spring Primer, the defensive line.

2018 Spring Primer: Offensive Line

Zach Shackelford and Patrick Vahe (Will Gallagher/IT)

The most important position group on the field was UT’s poorest performing unit for the entirety of the 2017 season. We don’t need to re-hash that, especially during the season of revitalization and rejuvenation. We’ll leave the disappointments of last season confined to the darkness of winter. Today, it’s the Spring Primer: Offensive Line.

Top Corner Target Marcus Banks Post-Texas Visit

Marcus Banks (Justin Wells/IT)

My suspicions for some time have been that Marcus Banks is the best corner in the state. There are some guys perhaps more athletic for the position — Marquez Beason, maybe — but I don’t think Beason brings the complete accompaniment of traits that Banks does. There isn’t a real weakness to Banks, and two of the baseline musts these days are strengths. Banks combines both length and fluidity.

Quick Impressions from Saturday Junior Day

DeMarvin Leal (Justin Wells/IT)

I enjoy talking to the parents at these things more than the kids because life experience lends to having a better bull*** detector. I don’t mean in the lying sense but this is a sales pitch of sorts.

What stood out to me was the near universal responses of how genuine the staff came across. One parent said, “it’s not like other schools and we’ve been a lot of places. They don’t sugarcoat things so you know they mean what they say.”

Identifying the must-gets of 2019

Jalen Catalon at The Opening Regionals. (Will Gallagher/IT)

We’ve broad-brushed the recruiting landscape to set the table for this cycle. In short, it won’t be encapsulated by Bob Ross and filled with happy trees and playful clouds, but rather more so Jude Law’s creepy turn as a morbid photographer in the very underrated Road to Perdition.