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Ian moved to Austin as a 9-year old, chose the Longhorns over the Aggies thanks to Ricky Williams and never looked back or thought twice about it. After graduating from The University in '09 with a History degree, he's been writing about the strategies and trends of Longhorn football and the game in general.

Inside the Gameplan: Herman’s secret ingredient for 2017

Michael Dickson. (Will Gallagher/IT)

We probably haven’t put enough emphasis on how good and how important Texas’ offensive line could be in 2017. This might be a legitimately great unit that could make the competition at running back nearly irrelevant and leaning on their play will unquestionably be a big part of Herman’s strategy.

However, Herman has a secret weapon that could really transform Texas from the losing team that took the field in 2016 to a Big 12 contender in 2017; the special teams.

Let’s talk about John Bonney

John Bonney. (Will Gallagher/IT)

John Bonney was once a fairly well regarded recruit. He was a four-star out of Houston Lamar (DB High?), an opening invitee, and a kid boasting offers from just about everywhere in the nation. At the 2013 Nike SPARQ combine he ran a 4.62 40, a 4.1 shuttle, tossed the ball 41’, and jumped a 34.3” vertical, which puts him amongst the top echelon of athletes even at defensive back.

My big questions after that Herman presser

Malik Jefferson and Breckyn Hager team up on the tackle. (Will Gallagher/IT)

I’ve enjoyed Herman’s press conferences so far, it’s fairly easy to glean what’s going on in the program and in his mind when I watch them (combined with the inside scoops from Eric, Justin, and Joe). There were a few nuggets in there today and in the Scoop that are helping me to update my understanding of where the program’s at and what the main questions they’ll be looking to answer in the spring will be.

Inside the Gameplan: The Collin Johnson hour

Collin Johnson. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Amidst Texas’ receivers in 2016, Collin Johnson was just one of many players that got some targets and produced in Sterlin Gilbert’s Veer and Shoot offense.

If there’s a criticism to be made of Gilbert’s efforts in 2016 it’s that Texas didn’t necessarily feature Johnson or any other WR in a prominent role within the offense, but then who would Texas have even featured?

Inside the Gameplan: Rebuilding DBU in 2017

Holton Hill and Davante Davis during the win in Waco. (Will Gallagher/IT)

The reason the Big 12 successfully produces multiple 1k yard WRs and highly successful QBs every year becomes evident when you take the time to watch every player in a given year joining a Big 12 program, as I’ve done. The state of Texas in particular produces a multitude of talented skill athletes at the WR position.

Breaking down Herman’s first class

Gary Johnson

The dreaded transition class has now finally come together for Tom Herman and includes several players that were obviously chosen for their fit and the staff’s comfort level with making the most of their talent. As Herman himself noted, their first class at Ohio State was ranked 5th nationally but only produced three contributors because of lack of fit.

Gary Johnson and the average size of the modern MLB

Gary Johnson

On my computer I have little text edit documents with the depth charts for just about every power 5 program as well as 20 or so mid-majors that are nationally relevant. I track all the starters and some of the backups with their size, class, where they came from, and sometimes their 247 ranking coming out of HS or JUCO.

So I have quite the archive of college player info. It’s useful for evaluating teams but it’s also useful for recognizing patterns: