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Thanksgiving in the Humidor – 11/22/18

Chris Nelson (Will Gallagher/IT)

Merging thankfulness on this day and football is pretty easy given just two Thanksgivings ago the internet went haywire with news of Tom Herman and LSU nearing a deal. It crawled on ESPN and essentially ruined any chance of a nice peaceful evening for thousands of UT fans. Because of that night I’ll forever point to it when I tell my wife, “hey, at least it’s not the Tom Herman/Texas Thanksgiving.”

Jones chooses Texas

Jacoby Jones (via Jones)

Texas took a JUCO defensive lineman in the 2017 cycle to add numbers to a room that needed it. Texas plans to do the same in the 2019 class with Jacoby Jones. The Butler C.C. defensive lineman committed to Texas today.

The Inside Scoop – 11/12/18

Isaiah Hookfin. (Justin Wells/IT)

If you heard the theme song to M.A.S.H. during UT’s locker room celebration on Saturday night, it wasn’t a flashback to the 70s. With the physicality this team plays with, you’re going to get banged up. It got to a point in Lubbock where we saw third stringers on the field, like Donovan Duvernay. Here’s what we’re hearing + recruiting in the Scoop.