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C-BOG Commentary: The end of the beginning

Poona Ford. (Will Gallagher/IT)

​Let’s play a game called “Which is the Most Annoying?” In the spirit of participation trophies and bolstering Little Johnny’s self-esteem, there are no right or wrong answers – there’s just the answer that’s best for you. Afterward, we’ll have a half-and-half pumpkin latte and talk about our feelings. Ready?

C-BOG Commentary: Tuff Enuff

Charlie Strong. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Just like superheroes, every small town has it’s rival, a diametrically-opposed doppelganger that creates friction and drama for the protagonist. Superman and Bizarro; Batman and the Joker; Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus; Robert Pattinson and talent.

C-BOG Commentary: Vindicaton and Anger

Quandre Diggs. (Will Gallagher/IT)

The flurry of emotions I felt Saturday night washed over me like rape allegations coming at Bill Cosby on Twitter. The first ones were self-effacingly sort of expected, then they kept coming and coming and coming until I thought they would never stop and I could no longer deal with their volume, frequency or level of intensity. Joy. Elation. Nervousness. Excitement. Hope. Frustration. Vindication. Sweet, sweet vindication.

C-BOG Commentary: The Hobgoblin and Small Minds

2010 Texas Longhorns

Last Saturday’s white-knuckle win over Iowa State sent me searching for a specific quote. At first, I was trying to remember what Copernicus said about a team whose mascot is the Cyclones, but whose sideline has a guy walking around in a big, red bird costume, but I came up with less than a Ferguson, Missouri grand jury. Then, I recalled something better by a famous American musician.

C-BOG Commentary: Get It Fixed, Coach

Charlie Strong. (Will Gallagher/IT)

We have more money, power, and influence than just about anybody in college athletics. We can’t find a kicker? Seriously? The Kardashians can’t find their own ass? Lindsey Lohan can’t find somebody to screw? Gloria Allred can’t find a TV camera? Justin Bieber can’t find a bag to administer a feminine hygiene fluid? Obama can’t find a foreign policy excuse?