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C-BOG Commentary: No Quit In Them

Jerrod Heard. (Will Gallagher/IT)

​Let’s start with the obvious: we didn’t lose to the Cal Golden Commie Pinkos because of a missed extra point. We lost because we lost both starting safeties, one to injury and one to dumbassery, the 10 points we gave up while my wife left to pee just before halftime, the first two offensive turnovers of the year, a few inopportune Daje drops and two rushing first downs by a quarterback who is slower than Donald Trump’s arm bimbo.

C-BOG Commentary: The end of the beginning

Poona Ford. (Will Gallagher/IT)

​Let’s play a game called “Which is the Most Annoying?” In the spirit of participation trophies and bolstering Little Johnny’s self-esteem, there are no right or wrong answers – there’s just the answer that’s best for you. Afterward, we’ll have a half-and-half pumpkin latte and talk about our feelings. Ready?

C-BOG Commentary: Tuff Enuff

Charlie Strong. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Just like superheroes, every small town has it’s rival, a diametrically-opposed doppelganger that creates friction and drama for the protagonist. Superman and Bizarro; Batman and the Joker; Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus; Robert Pattinson and talent.

C-BOG Commentary: Vindicaton and Anger

Quandre Diggs. (Will Gallagher/IT)

The flurry of emotions I felt Saturday night washed over me like rape allegations coming at Bill Cosby on Twitter. The first ones were self-effacingly sort of expected, then they kept coming and coming and coming until I thought they would never stop and I could no longer deal with their volume, frequency or level of intensity. Joy. Elation. Nervousness. Excitement. Hope. Frustration. Vindication. Sweet, sweet vindication.

C-BOG Commentary: The Hobgoblin and Small Minds

2010 Texas Longhorns

Last Saturday’s white-knuckle win over Iowa State sent me searching for a specific quote. At first, I was trying to remember what Copernicus said about a team whose mascot is the Cyclones, but whose sideline has a guy walking around in a big, red bird costume, but I came up with less than a Ferguson, Missouri grand jury. Then, I recalled something better by a famous American musician.

C-BOG Commentary: Get It Fixed, Coach

Charlie Strong. (Will Gallagher/IT)

We have more money, power, and influence than just about anybody in college athletics. We can’t find a kicker? Seriously? The Kardashians can’t find their own ass? Lindsey Lohan can’t find somebody to screw? Gloria Allred can’t find a TV camera? Justin Bieber can’t find a bag to administer a feminine hygiene fluid? Obama can’t find a foreign policy excuse?