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Examining the main points of Herman’s offensive philosophy

Tom Herman (Will Gallagher/IT)

Dating back to his time as offensive coordinator at Ohio State (and very likely before that as well), Tom Herman has tried to boil down his decently complex offensive system into three overarching foundational points: give the ball to playmakers, keep numbers equal while running the ball, and take advantage of matchups in the throw game.

Rodriguez appreciates college experience with multiple coaching voices

Elijah Rodriguez (Will Gallagher/IT)

When players sign their letter of intent in December or February of their senior years, most expect to have the same position coach for several years. Some may know what’s going on surrounding the program they sign with and have an idea that their position coach could change. Others know that coaches can leave for a different job whenever they want, and prepare their minds accordingly.

Few plan to have four different position coaches in their career. Texas senior offensive linemen Elijah Rodriguez is one of several Texas players who has experienced that.

UT Practice Report: 8/8/18

Breckyn Hager during spring practice. (Will Gallagher/IT)

AUSTIN — Wednesday brought full pads to the Wright Whitaker Fields, though unfortunately the pads weren’t truly popping until the media was escorted out.

Upon arrival, the offensive line was working on one of the more unique drills I’ve seen covering Texas. Each OL had a rep individually bear crawling before rolling, and after that was completed the OL would jump on a simulated fumble from the hands of Herb Hand.

UT Practice Notes – 8/7/18

Josh Thompson. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Practice today was at the Wright Whitaker Sports Complex, or the intramural fields at 51st as most know them. The facilities were updated last year, and Tom Herman utilized the fields last preseason camp as an opportunity for the players to play in a different location and to change things up a bit.

Today the Longhorns had helmets and shoulder pads on.

Aside Johnson, quesions remain at LB

Anthony Wheeler, Gary Johnson (Will Gallagher/IT)

AUSTIN — Over previous seasons Texas hasn’t been affected by the targeting penalty. Yet, before the 2018 season begins it already has.

After being ejected in the victory over Missouri in the Texas Bowl for targeting, senior linebacker Anthony Wheeler will miss the first half at Maryland. Wheeler is most likely the starter at the Mac linebacker spot in defensive coordinator Todd Orlando’s defense, but he won’t be for the first half.