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About Justin Wells

Justin was born a sports fan. From the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, and Texas Rangers, he fell in love with sports at a young age. Justin lettered in football, basketball, baseball, and cross country in high school. He continued his playing career in basketball at LeTourneau University (98-01). Before becoming the Inside Texas Web Editor in August of 2013, Justin was a high school coach, helped UH and Baylor with scouting and summer football camps, worked in the oilfield, and was the editor at HornSports and writer at the East Texas Sports Network. Raised in a family of Aggies, Justin broke away from the regime when he was 12, attended his first Texas football game in 1995 and has been hooked ever since.

Mondays in the Humidor with the Big Cigar


In this edition of Inside the Humidor we’ve got one thing — team stuff. It’s an amalgamation of practice reports and inside the coaches offices when it comes to depth charts. We’ve also got a couple of interesting anecdotes with the start of the season basically two weeks away. Grab a scotch, preferable on the rocks in this 95 degree weather, and we’ll give you the goods inside the Humidor.