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How Texas can win 10 games

Tom Herman. (Will Gallagher/IT)

A while back I brought the realism in describing the stark reality of the last few years, but today I’m bringing the optimism. Actually, it’s also realism, but a different kind. The realism of understanding that we humans are pattern-seeking animals who tend to imbue temporary trends with permanence. We have a tendency to project the ephemeral forward confidently without considering that many of the factors that underpin our assumptions have changed.

Coaching Turnarounds at Texas: Darrell Royal

Darrell K. Royal. (Photo by Art Shay /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)

This is a series on coaching turnarounds (or attempted turnarounds ) at Texas, starting with the Royal era. I think there are some learning points to be gleaned and, at the risk of doing the reveal too early, I think they portend favorably for Herman.
All Texas coaching hires – like presidential elections – are a lesson in oversteering. The tendency to hire what the previous guy was not is predictable. The things we focus on also tend to be shallow and useless.

Do You Like Mixy Matchy Linebackers?

Anthony Wheeler. (Will Gallagher/IT)

If you were a college running back and saw the Texas linebackers getting off of the game day bus, a little shudder of fear would run down your spine. Mostly because it’s July 13th and why is there a bus of Texas linebackers in front of my dorm room at Maryland?