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Evaluating Football Athletes Part V: Two Different Paths to Freak

Malcolm Williams

The Evaluating Football Athletes series illustrates the physical attributes competent evaluators should be looking to feed into their development process. It’s also a caution to focus on what players CAN BE. Film can be self-evident – it doesn’t take many clips of Adrian Peterson or Shaun Rogers in high school to understand what you’re seeing – but they’re exceptional athletes with floors already higher at age 18 than most athlete’s ceilings at age 25. That’s why you recruit them.

The NFL Draft & State of Texas Sleepers

Connor Williams. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Every year we see former state of Texas high school athletes that weren’t considered high school blue chips (defined as 4 or 5 star recruits) going high in the NFL draft. The 2018 draft will be no different. Of course, it’s a number game – while 4 or 5 star recruits are far more likely to be drafted high as a percentage (995% more likely to go in the 1st round, in fact) than the unranked, 2, or 3 stars, the sheer absolute numbers of the latter category mean that the bulk of NFL rosters are filled out by those players.

Super Bowl Texas Longhorn Takeaways

Jordan Hicks. (Will Gallagher/IT)

In my preview, I thought I was pretty dialed into how it would go down, but even with my trick play/big play predictions, I didn’t anticipate the dominant level of offensive coaching and execution for both teams. Folks will armchair QB the postgame, but I saw two excellent, well-coached teams playing their asses off. I wish the announcing matched the effort on the field. Cris Collinsworth laid an ostrich egg through his balloon knot. He was an ear beating of endless bad opinions.