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Texas-Baylor Post-Mortem: Offense

Collin Johnson (Will Gallagher/IT)

Texas survived an early first quarter starting QB injury and secured the win over a game Baylor football squad despite a sputtering Longhorn offense underperforming against a bottom tier FBS defense. It felt a bit Tulsa-like, including the scoreless offensive second half.

Texas-Baylor Preview

Breckyn Hager. (Will Gallagher/IT)

The Bears have won four of their first six games with pretty good offense and a subpar defense. Head coach Matt Rhule is doing a good job of recruiting raw speed and SPARQ superstars to Waco while simultaneously understanding that his natural inclination to win with defense as at Temple isn’t going to cut it with this current Bear roster. Consequently, the Bears run a wide open tempo offense that runs a lot of plays.

Texas-OU Post-Mortem: Defense/special teams

Breckyn Hager (Will Gallagher/IT)

OU has a really good offense. That was obvious coming in, more obvious during the game, and really obvious on the re-watch. The OL is high quality, Murray is a unique freak, the RBs are very solid and the wide receivers and tight end are very good – though probably not quite as dominant in a vacuum as the scheme makes them. Riley puts them in fantastic situations and they are constantly mind screwing the opposing teams coverage by constantly muddying assignments, shifting personnel, using unconventional backfield action and creating easy reads for the QB. They’re a handful, they install a lot of stuff, play fast, and it’s impressive that they can execute all of it.

Texas-OU Post-Mortem: Offense

Collin Johnson (Will Gallagher/IT)

Enjoy the win. Texas opened as a 8 point underdog for a reason. While a fervent Sooner rally and a late sputtering Longhorn offense gave us all a shared empty sick feeling, like our guts were inhabited by a Kyler Murray sized loss gnome looking to claw out like the baby from Alien, there are no bad wins in Texas-OU. None. Old-timers, please chime in and have my back on this one. There are no bad wins in Texas-OU. Particularly ones that are this freaking awesome.