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Texas-TCU game preview

Charles Omenihu (Will Gallagher/IT)

Texas fans don’t need to be reminded that TCU has owned the Horns for four consecutive years (the last Texas win was in 2013 against Patterson’s 4-8 team rocked by drug suspensions) outscoring Texas by an average of 38-8. Texas didn’t exceed ten points in any contest. I contend that they were all effectively over by halftime, though if you want to pretend that last year’s 24-7 loss was competitive, you’ll need to ignore that TCU effectively ran clock for an entire half of play once they staked a double digit lead. Progress, I guess.

USC postmortem: Offense

Sam Ehlinger (Will Gallagher/IT)

The Texas offense turned in a grinding win over USC, totaling 394 yards on 82 plays for a 4.8 yards per play average. While the Texas offense lacked explosiveness, it did a good job of creating first downs (25), limiting negative plays in the running game (3 out of 48 “standard” carries went for negative yardage) and converted on 11 of 20 3rd and 4th down opportunities. Pair that all with only one turnover (Daniel Young, big boy finisher back can’t fumble) and you have a very Kansas Statey sort of win where the offense excels enough in the margins to compensate for a fairly mundane big picture statistical snapshot and one is left wondering “How the hell did we blow these dudes out?”

USC Postmortem: Defense

Chris Nelson (Will Gallagher/IT)

I thought the Texas defense would play well against USC’s straightforward offense because of the Trojan’s lack of misdirection, no QB involvement in the running game, Tee Martin’s conventional approach, and JT Daniels’ youth and inexperience.

Texas-USC Game Preview

Texas vs. USC (Will Gallagher/IT)

The Trojans come into Austin at 1-1 with a sloppy but convincing win over UNLV and a 17-3 road loss against Stanford where they lost the battle in the trenches and learned that a true freshman QB on the road is fraught with issues – even the very talented ones.

Defensive/special teams Postmortem: Tulsa

BJ Foster (Will Gallagher/IT)

I like Todd Orlando, but this isn’t getting it done. Tulsa may have only had 21 points, but they also dropped two wide open touchdowns and missed 3 field goals. They left meat on the bone and it wasn’t because of talent advantages. It was bad positional play, mental mistakes and poor situational football.

Offensive Postmortem: Tulsa

Lil'Jordan Humphrey (Will Gallagher/IT)

This offense is less than the sum of its parts. That’s objectively true with only 28 points on the board despite a lot of yardage generated and 21 on the board at halftime, but you really see that subjectively in game review. It’s strange to see 9 or 10 Longhorn players “win” on a given play and the offense gets a no gain or a negative play. Conversely, Tulsa had some big second half gains for their offense, where only a handful of players at critical spots “won.” Why is that?