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Brooks about to blow up

Marcel Brooks. (courtesy of Brooks)
Marcel Brooks. (courtesy of Brooks)

One of this board’s favorite prospects this cycle seems to be Arp’s DeMarvion Overshown. With his size, ferocity, and play-speed, it’s no wonder.

I don’t want to necessarily compare Flower Mound Marcus’ Marcel Brooks (2019) to Overshown, but with his size, ferocity, and play-speed, the comparison makes itself.

Another similarity the two have, both were “late” to get their first offer. Overshown didn’t really blow up until December/January of his junior year. With Brooks’ name beginning to make the rounds now, the sophomore won’t have to wait much longer.

It’s time to get to know Marcel Brooks. Colleges far and wide are about to do the same.

Inside Texas:
Thanks for taking the time. Man, I immediately got a little hyped up when I saw your film. I was thinking ‘this guy has it’. Tell me a bit about yourself. What’s your size, and do you play any other sports besides football?

Marcel Brooks: I’m around 200 pounds and 6-foot-3. I use to hoop and will play again next year. I’ll also do the long jump in track.

IT: Are you guys getting ready to start spring ball?

MB: We’re not doing spring ball because my coaches are new. But he said schools are still planning on coming by to see me.

IT: Talk to me about recruiting. Do you have any favorites? Who are you hearing from?

MB: Favorite schools are probably TCU and Oklahoma, but things are changing because I’m hearing from other schools. I’ve heard a little from TCU, and I’m already real tight with OU. I talk to Coach Gundy and the OL coach. I do want to see Texas, I’ve been hearing great things. I like TCU a lot, but I want to have a little fun with it [recruiting].

IT: What’s your level of contact with Texas.

MB: I have not heard from Texas but the coaches started following me on Twitter recently.

IT: Okay, you’re on their radar. That’s step one. Are you originally from Texas?

MB: I moved here last summer from Virginia Beach.

IT: That partially explains why I’m just hearing about you. They have some exceptional athletes up that way. What do you think about the football here?

MB: Football here is amazing. It’s harder. Down in VA there are a lot of individual players; one guy at a HS might be good. Down here whole teams are good. I like it down here, it makes you work harder.

IT: So what brought you to our fair state?

MB: I came here to help my mom out, she’s a single mom. My dad is in the Navy and now stationed in Maryland.

IT: With your height, I’m curious how tall your dad is?

MB: My dad is 6-6, so maybe I’ll still get taller.

IT: Tough to remain at defensive back if you get too much taller.

MB: I hope I can stay at DB. I’m trying to stay light on my feet. I want to be more like Kam Chancellor. That’s who I model my game after.

IT: Well, you’re sure not afraid to hit someone, that’s for sure. Where does your physicality come from?

MB: I like to be physical. My physical nature comes from VA. I learned how to be physical from my coach. I watch a lot videos of how to tackle and practice it a lot. I run really fast, usually guys are afraid to use their body and might slow up. I’m not scared. I don’t care how big or small you are I’m bringing the hit every time.

IT: It’s quite evident on tape. I love that first hit on your Hudl. You exploded through that guy. With your height and athleticism I’m sure you’re throwing down on the hardcourt rather easily.

MB: Oh yeah. I’ve been dunking since 7th grade. I did my first 360 dunk in 7th grade when I was 6-foot.

IT: Again, I appreciate you taking the time. I know you’re a bit worried about offers but trust me, they’re on the way. I bet you’ll start getting some in the next couple weeks.

MB: I appreciate that, and I appreciate you talking to me.

I noticed in Marcel’s Twitter bio that he’s part of the Flight Team. Coach Flight is a noted skills coach based out of Dallas. He’s worked with Kobe Boyce and I believe Josh Thompson. He knows an athlete when he sees one. He had this to say about Brooks, “he is a freak of nature, man. Kid is one of the most gifted athletes I’ve seen. Trying to install some technique in him so he can really be elite.”

Brook’s recruiting process is just beginning. It’s the time when players are the most wide-eyed and excited about the process. I told him to enjoy this feeling while it lasts, because his life is about to get crazy, just like Overshown’s did almost over night.