Burnette Apologizes for ‘Indefensible’ Post

Former Longhorn center Buck Burnette released a statement Thursday apologizing for the racial slur he wrote on his Facebook page, which resulted in his removal from the Texas football team.
Burnette’s statement:

There are a lot of false statements and quotes on the internet attributed to me, but regardless, what I did post is indefensible. I made a very bad decision to post on my Facebook a text message that was sent to me in reference to the election. This posting has caused embarrassment and distraction to the University of Texas Football Team.

I was allowed to apologize to the team and part of what I said is listed below:

“First of all I want to say that I apologize for causing a distraction from what this team is trying to accomplish. What I wrote was hurtful not only to people individually but also to the chemistry of this team and the ‘big picture.’ What I wrote was totally inappropriate and immature of me and is not a reflection of how my parents raised me, what I believe or what this team stands for. I sincerely apologize for offending and or causing any pain by my hurtful comment. I apologize to you coaches for being a distraction and stupidly drawing negative attention to myself when the success of the team is the goal at hand. I apologize to you my team mates for letting you down, not being accountable, and causing dissention among us. Coach Brown I apologize to you for being a distraction and possibly throwing away the priceless opportunity to play football at the University of Texas.

This football team has become my life and my family. I think of ALL of you as my brothers and I don’t see color as the measure of a man. A man’s heart is the true teller of his character and I see nothing but my brothers around me when I walk out on the football field with you.”

I sinned against man and God posting what I did. That statement breeds hate and it was never my intention to cause those controversial feelings. The people who know me and know my heart will know this to be true. I have received tremendous support from both black and white players on my team and for that I am truly grateful. For those that remain offended, I hope that over time you will be able to forgive me.

What I wrote on Facebook was a horrible immature mistake. I have no racial feelings towards anyone especially the President Elect of the United States of America. I am proud to call myself an American and I look forward to the progress that President Obama will bring to the people of this great nation. I wish and pray for President Obama to have tremendous success as our president.”