Catching up with the Moore Twins

Josh and Jordan Moore. (Justin Wells/IT)

Josh and Jordan Moore. (Justin Wells/IT)

SAN ANTONIO — Friday night I traveled to Heroes Stadium in San Antonio to catch up with 2018 four-star twins Joshua and Jordan Moore.

Joshua is the taller of the two, measuring in at just over 6-foot-0. Yoakum struggled to get the explosive receiver the ball due to being forced to play its backup quarterback. Still, the explosive athlete made sure he had an impact on the game, playing corner and tackling well against a spread-heavy Hallettsville team.

Jordan is slightly shorter, but just as athletic. While some have him pegged for defense at the next level, he made his impact against Halletsville on the offensive side of the ball. Former Longhorn defensive end and Yoakum head coach Bo Robinson used Jordan at running back in the fourth quarter, and his play gave the Bulldog offense the boost it needed to get into position to win the game. Jordan had six carries for 51 yards, most of them coming in the fourth quarter, but no play was more important than one of his four receptions.

With under 20 seconds left, Bryson Hagan dropped back and threw a ball to the corner of the end zone. Jordan out-leaped his man and brought the ball in to give the Bulldogs the late lead. A few plays later, a Brahmas Hail Mary fell to the ground, and Yoakum advanced to the state semis.

“When the ball is in the air, it’s mine,” Jordan said. “That’s all I can say to describe that play, it’s mine.”

On the old staff, Jeff Traylor was responsible for recruiting the Moores, and both had a very good relationship with the former member Texas inside receivers coach.

That good relationship with a Texas coach will remain thanks to new Texas cornerbacks coach Jason Washington.

“Me and Coach Washington have a real tight relationship,” Jordan said. “Me and him have the tightest relationship besides me and Urban Meyer in college football.

“We have a good position for you to show your skills in this offense,” Joshua said of the pitch to him.

Both enjoy a great relationship with Washington and planned on giving him a call after the game. While things are off to a great start with the new staff, there’s also a family connection to new defensive line coach Oscar Giles.

The Houston staff was previously working all the angles and now is no time to let up. We believe Tom Herman has already been in contact with Joshua and took a hands on approach to both while representing the Coogs.

A visit in the coming weeks could be in the works for the highly sought-after duo.

In addition, Jordan said he will likely push back his scheduled commitment date of Christmas Eve. It won’t be pushed too far, though, as he said he doesn’t expect it to be later than the first week of January.

Both will be at the Army All-American Combine in San Antonio later this month, and I’ll catch up with them there.