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Hoops Inconsistency in a Nutshell

Jase Febres (Will Gallagher/IT)

For all of the promise and potential Texas has in its “sharpshooting” sophomore Jase Febres, he (perhaps above all other Longhorns) has typified the hot and cold nature of this basketball program under Shaka Smart. Some overall numbers…8.8 pts, 2.7 rbs, 0.4 asts, on 46/37/58 shooting. Not terrible. At all, really.

Upon Further Review: Renewed thoughts on a handful of prospects

Tahj Brooks (Joe Cook/IT)

I’ll write this in a ‘stock up, down, or holding’ manner but that isn’t to slight the prospect in any way. It’s not even to say I don’t want them in the class. It just means I was personally too high on them previously. That’s what I’m going on — what my previous thoughts were. So, e.g., if I wasn’t high on Jalen Kimber because I didn’t properly credit his athleticism, I’ll show him trending up based on that.

Zone Busted

Kerwin Raoch (Will Gallagher/IT)

Against the top team in the Big 12 ranked No. 18 in the country, Texas looked to be trading punches with Kansas State throughout the first half. The Longhorns scored 24 of its 39 first half points in the paint choosing to eschew outside shots and instead driving against the Wildcat defense.

Some Thoughts On Yet Another Tough Road Loss

Shaka Smart (Will Gallagher/IT)

Defensively, that’s about as good as we can play a zone. Ramey and Coleman were active up top and Jaxson did a nice job of staying under control in the lane when ISU flashed there. If we can get that type of energy with spatial awareness from our two guys up top, there’s a chance that zone could continue to help.

Segment-by-segment: Longhorns down No. 11 Kansas, 73-63

Jaxson Hayes (Will Gallagher/IT)

AUSTIN — A Big 12 loss at home against Kansas would not have been the résumé-tanker the loss at Georgia was, but it would have been another tally in the loss column for a team that for multiple reasons, needed the win.

The win provided a résumé-booster instead, as the Longhorns defeated the No. 11 Jayhawks 73-63 behind a 16-point performance from Dylan Osetkowski.