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Hoops Preview: Alabama

Kerwin Roach II with the up and under (Will Gallagher/IT)

The Alabama Crimson Tide, coached by Avery Johnson, come to Austin tonight to take on a reeling Longhorns squad that is hoping for some, any, positive result to build a little momentum on. Will Alabama oblige? Or will Texas sink lower into their current sinkhole?

Some basketball diagnosis

Tevin Mack laying it in (Will Gallagher/IT)

It’s my nature to attack adversity/difficulty with positivity (so many -ty words). Something doesn’t go my way? I move on. Can’t control/change something? I look for how to incorporate this new reality into my life as seamlessly as possible.

Mavericks handle Texas, 72-61 + Preston’s game thoughts

Shaka Smart giving orders against UTA (Will Gallagher/IT)

Following two challenging games in Brooklyn against Northwestern and Colorado, Shaka Smart’s young Longhorn basketball team had a chance to come home and get things back on the right track against a quality opponent in the UT-Arlington Mavericks. Instead, a contingent of traveling Maverick students in the upper deck were able to leave the game yelling “this is our house.”

Hoops Preview: UT-Arlington + Smart quotes

James Banks (Will Gallagher/IT)

Shaka Smart has his work cut out for him. To call last week’s losses to Northwestern and Colorado disappointing would be underselling just how poorly Texas played in Brooklyn. And, while the next opponent doesn’t come with the kind of name recognition Texas fans might normally respect, the UT Arlington Mavericks bring a veteran squad with plenty of big game experience to Austin when they face a young Longhorn looking for answers. This won’t be a gimme.

Fridays in the Hermador -11/25/16

Tom Herman. (courtesy of UH)

Thursday evening, after weeks of keeping our cool while others repeatedly broke their hollowed-out tooth cyanide capsule, we finally felt the coaching search pressure a bit based on some very reliable information. And damn am I pissed about that because thanks to some quick action I once again think UT is back to neutral with Herman’s car headed downhill to Austin, provided the UT admin doesn’t set up any spike-strips.