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Game Thoughts: TCU 78, UT 63

Jarrett Allen jumping over Frogs (Will Gallagher/IT)

TCU rode a red hot last 10 minutes to a win that was far less comfortable than the final score appears to complete the season sweep over the Longhorns in Fort Worth.

Rebounding and three point shooting being the main culprits of error for Texas, the Horned Frogs took advantage of the opportunities Texas gave them as they pulled away late.

Hoops: The question of offensive movement

Kerwin Roach II with the up and under (Will Gallagher/IT)

Shaka’s offensive system has come under fire this year, and for understandable reason. The shooting has been poor. The execution has been poorer. The free throw shooting has been on par with even Rick’s worst coaching seasons.

In short, it hasn’t been all that fun to watch.

Game Thoughts: UT 62, Tech 58

Eric Davis Jr. in the open floor (Will Gallagher/IT)

It was what we thought it would be. Texas has more talent but are younger and more prone to poor decision making. Texas Tech is solid and will play with tremendous poise and patience, but they don’t have much for gamechangers on their roster.

And, in a game of talent versus experience, the talent won…just barely.

The Inside Scoop – 1/30/17

Stephan Zabie (Will Gallagher/IT)

We’re less than two days from National Signing Day 2017. And like most, we’re ready to wrap this class up and move on to 2018. So what’s left in a class currently holding steady at 15 members? Four, by our calculations. We talk predictions for the C/O 2017, 1-on-1 with 5-star BJ Foster, breaking down 2018 in-state DBs, and finish with your basketball fix. It’s the Inside Scoop, of course.

Game Thoughts: Georgia

Shaq Cleare shooting over Sooners (Will Gallagher/IT)

One step forward; two steps back?

That’s what today felt like for a Longhorn team that looked uncomfortable and tentative the entire game as they lost at Georgia, sacking their chance at a winning streak and letting a mediocre Bulldog team off the hook.

Game Preview: Georgia

Andrew Jones (Will Gallagher/IT)

Shaka Smart and the Longhorns will look to double down on their last second win over Oklahoma when they travel to Georgia to take on the Bulldogs for their part of the Big 12/SEC Challenge Saturday afternoon. Coach Fox and the Georgia men are coming off a blowout home loss where Fox was ejected and Alabama shot the lights out of the gym. So, will Texas serve as its cathartic punching bag or can the Longhorns make it an honest to goodness winning streak?