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Inside the Gameplan: How Orlando will feature Malik

Malik Jefferson. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Last May we discussed how Texas could “build around the Predator” and feature Malik as a main component to the defense. That all came crashing down when Texas didn’t get effective run defense out of the hybrid middle linebacker (or any other LB on campus) and the area where Malik eventually brought value to the team was not one we foresaw.

UT’s clear recruiting runway

Al'Vonte Woodard. (courtesy of UA camp)

Pretty much every single important internal and external aspect of recruiting is going UT’s way currently, save overall in-state talent level, which is beyond the staff’s control. While these aspects haven’t led to any in-state commitments (that’s not a bad thing, they simply aren’t reaching) thus far, it’s led to quite a buzz with the in-state elites.

First padded practice opens Herman’s eyes to team issues

Shane Buechele. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Tom Herman could not name a single Power Five program that, since the dawn of scholarship limits, has gone through an entire season with just two QBs. But all he had to do was glance at his roster, following Matthew Merrick’s decision Monday to give up football, to concede Texas is so thin behind center that the courtship of former LSU QB Brandon Harris is in play.

Some opinions/notes from the program

Chris Nelson. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Herman has said you can’t tell anything from watching players practice in underwear and it reminds me of something Cody Johnson told me years ago, “once we put the pads on it separates the men from boys. All the players at Texas look good until then.”

The only two things that make life worth living…

Texas players before the RS. (Will Gallagher/IT)

My opinion has long been football and spring football run a very close second. This Tuesday there should be some major pad popping going on as we usher in another staff to lead us out of this wilderness. My own personal opinion is this staff has talked the talk saying all the right things but it’s time to prove teaching the game is as important as we have heard.

The Inside Scoop – 3/20/17

Al'Vonte Woodard. (courtesy of UA camp)

This week’s Scoop comes off of Spring Break with tons of news/notes from the Under Armour Camp on Sunday, latest on some of the top targets, and a potential visitor list for Saturday’s practice could yield profits soon. Plus, a Hoops Scoop you don’t want to miss.

Under Armour Camp – Houston

Brennan Eagles. (courtesy of Nike)

Following in the footsteps of Nike, Under Armour, its main competitor in the industry is trying its hand at the high school football camp scene.

It gives us an opportunity to see some of the state’s best compete with each other while gathering notes, contacts, and tidbits for each prospect Texas deems a target. Our Joe Cook and Eric Nahlin will be at Westfield HS in Spring. Here’s who they’ll be looking for.

Fridays at the St. Paddy’s Day Pub – 3/17/17

Holton Hill (Justin Wells/IT)

Imagine being in college and combining Spring Break with St. Patrick’s Day. Talk about a super-collider of drunken fun in which those Irish girls better put on their 100 SPF. Despite it being Spring Break we’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the players sticking to their workouts. Many went home rather than to the beach.