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The Four Levels of Longhorn DL

Poona Ford. (Will Gallagher/IT)

This is in complement to Eric’s excellent post evaluating the DL post Spring.

I went back and re-watched the Spring game and specifically concentrated only on DL snaps. Beyond the zero sum game caveats, I can evaluate get-off, mobility, effort, technique, low pads and explosiveness.

Inside the Gameplan: Cam’s Rising

Cameron Rising (via Rising)

When Texas either strongly targets or signs a quarterback, I like to deep dive into his high school film. There’s obviously only so much you can tell from watching highlights, after all. You can see movement skill and some of where a player is at in terms of fitting into a scheme and team concept but it’s a very partial picture. With other positions I don’t worry about that as much, but quarterback is such a cerebral position that I want as close a look as I can get.

Recruiting Notebook – 5/9/17

Malcolm Epps. (courtesy of Epps)

This week’s Notebook starts around H-town for a top line tight end and elite defensive end. Then swing down to Louisiana for a high-potential offensive tackle, then hit the west coast for a 4-star quarterback in Cali. The Recruiting Notebook is here.

Sterns joins 4th and 5 podcast to talk commitment

Caden Sterns (Justin Wells/IT)

2018 Cibolo Steele safety and newest Texas commit Caden Sterns joins Joe Cook and HornSports’ Will Baizer on the 4th and 5 podcast to discuss how everything went down this past weekend, how the Longhorn coaches plan to utilize him in Todd Orlando’s defense, and tell us a little more about himself.

Sterns flips to Texas

Caden Sterns (Justin Wells/IT)

In a strong 2018 defensive back class, Texas went down the road about an hour to grab one of the state’s best, Cibolo Steele safety Caden Sterns. In addition, he keeps a prospect out of Ed Orgeron and LSU’s hands.