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Inside the Gameplan: What was the Gameplan in 2018?

Lil’Jordan Humphrey (Will Gallagher/IT)

One of the fascinating things about college football is how much a team can change year over year. Strong programs are generally known for something whether it’s a particular type of personnel grouping, concepts, or style of play. However, the way teams attack others and the week-to-week tactics tend to change a lot as the new “senior” class takes over and defines the identity of the team.

Are we there yet? 2020 recruiting will be a cycle to remember

Zach Evans (Will Gallagher/IT)

After overestimating Tom Herman’s immediate recruiting impact on the class of 2017 upon his arrival to Texas, I hurriedly re-calibrated my expectations and wrote the finish wouldn’t be quite as smooth as I originally thought. That bore out, but the staff’s penchant for evaluation and pragmatic, ‘save the ship’ approach, had a positive long-term effect on the roster. Saving those scholarships enabled the staff to sign the #3 class in the nation in the following cycle.

The Inside Scoop – 12/10/18

Tommy Kennedy. (courtesy of Butler University)

We’re talking UT’s C/O 2019 and how we see it finish with recruiting percentages, latest on visitors this weekend including Tommy Kennedy, and more from Caleb Johnson, Peyton Powell, and running backs inside the Scoop.

Inside the Gameplan: Big picture takeaways from the B12 title game

D'Andre Christmas (Will Gallagher/)

The 2018 postseason is going to prove very instructive to Tom Herman and his staff about where exactly this Texas program is and how close they are to realizing their goals of winning championships. First they drew the full force and focus of the Oklahoma Sooners, who have now won four-straight Big 12 titles and taught Texas something about the difference between the regular season and the postseason. Next they’ll draw Georgia, who is either the best and most physical team in the country or a very close facsimile depending on who you ask.

Wednesday Recruiting – 12/5/18

Jake Smith. (courtesy of Smith)

Coaches have been putting miles on the rental cars and Horn Force One since late Saturday. Lots of recruits on the schedule, commits to close, and meals from parents who want to make a great impression. UT’s Class of 2019 is coming to a close with only a few more presents to wrap and put under the tree. Here’s what the prospects have to say.