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The Inside Scoop – 10/29/18

Noah Cain at the UA camp. (Justin Wells/IT)

It’s the 24-hour rule after wins and losses here at Inside Texas as well as the Longhorns football team. No need to lament about Oklahoma State with Co-Big 12 leader West Virginia coming to Austin. Let’s catch up on the team news, and dive deep into recruiting from 2019’s class to 2020-2021. Some Monday Scoop.

The Inside Scoop – 10/8/18

Chris Brown (Will Gallagher/IT)

After a big win over OU on Saturday from the Cotton Bowl, football isn’t the only thing that’s fun again. Recruiting is sure to see an uptick over the final stretch of 2019’s class. On-field success coupled with the resources and amenities of Austin usually equals recruiting success. Tom Herman could always evaluate and recruit, now he’s got a winning program to sell. The Inside Scoop delivers.

The Inside Scoop – 10/1/18

Marcus Washington at The Opening. (Justin Wells/IT)

It’s always fun when Texas-OU week arrives. It’s a lot better when both teams are good. And even cooler when UT has a legit shot at topping the Sooners and ripping the lid off this 2018 season. We look at team/injury news and notes, plus the recruiting trends pointing upwards. Beat OU in the Monday Scoop.

The Inside Scoop – 9/24/18

Demond Demas before the UT-TCU game. (Will Gallagher/IT)

The buzz around the 40 Acres is real after Texas knocked off another ranked opponent on Saturday from DKR. Diving into team news/notes + recruits react to the win over TCU and overall vibe UT is displaying in the first month of the 2018 season. Tons of quotes in this week’s Scoop.

Inside Texas Inside Scoop – 9/3/18

Charles Omenihu vs Maryland. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Let’s get straight to the (bullet) points. After going through the full range of emotions, the team is surprisingly calm and confident despite the opening-season loss to Maryland. After Sunday‚Äôs video session there’s more optimism within the program than you might expect. They found more good than bad, and lots of small fixable things like taking better angles, tackling better, protecting the ball, and less penalties. Generally cleaner play gets them out of Maryland with a win.

More on play-calling, injury report, and more in the Scoop.

The Inside Scoop – 8/27/18

Jalen Catalon at the UA Regionals. (Justin Wells/IT)

It’s finally game week on the 40 Acres. At this time Saturday, we’ll be primed for Texas Football at FedEx Field vs Maryland. Let’s take a closer look at the team this week, plus recruiting quotes from Jake Smith and September visitors. It’s Monday, Scoop Day.

The Inside Scoop (Part I) – 8/20/18

Keaontay Ingram (Will Gallagher/IT)

Todd Orlando said the offense edged out the defense. From what we’ve gathered it was pretty even. We did hear, “the defense looked really solid as usual,” but it’s important to note that this scrimmage was pretty vanilla and the structure was different from those in the past. It was family day, and you aren’t going to ask families of players to travel great lengths and not see their child play. Like a Little League game the staff wanted to make sure everyone got an at bat. Still, there was plenty of important work to be had.