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The Inside Scoop – 9/5/16 (Part I)

Jarell Cherry at Texas-ND. (Cherry)

Did I think Texas would beat Notre Dame? No, I didn’t. Did I think UT would have a good season? Yes. We wouldn’t have hired Scipio if we thought the team wouldn’t play inspired football this year. As I’ve long maintained – even before the class of 2016 was put to bed, and then put to bed again in June – Texas has the chance to pull a class with one of the highest star ratings in the country.

The Inside Scoop – 8/29/16

Sam Ehlinger. (Justin Wells/IT)

Developments at WR. Status Checks on Texas targets. Players buying-in to new positions. Ehlinger injury update. Hoops recruiting insight. It’s Monday. It’s game week. Get a dose. It’s Scoop time.

The Inside Scoop – 8/22/16

Montrell Estell. (Justin Wells/IT)

Quarterback talk, scrimmage notes, freshmen standouts, recruits we’re watching, and a look at a key target from the next three classes is on tap for Monday’s Inside Scoop. Pull up a chair and have a drink. You might need it.

The Inside Scoop – 8/15/16

Major Tennison. (Justin Wells/IT)

This week’s Scoop delivers the projected two-deep after a week of practice and scrimmage. We also begin the ETX FB Tour stopping by to visit Texas commits, UT targets, and potential future Longhorns, and finish with a hoops roster breakdown for Shaka Smart’s 2nd season in Austin. It’s Monday, Scoop Day.

The Inside Scoop – 8/8/16

Omar Manning at The Opening. (Justin Wells/IT)

Linebackers are a lot of the talk this week. We look closer at recruiting trends as 2-a-days starts, Texas targets, and new names you need to know. Eric and Justin start hitting HS practices soon, and finish up with more hoops news as only Mr. Preston can provide. It’s the Inside Scoop on a Monday.

The Inside Scoop – 8/1/16

Josh Thompson. (Justin Wells/IT)

Let’s talk roster numbers. Let’s talk to new recruiting targets. Let’s talk coaches calling kids at midnight. And let’s talk hoops and where UT stands with a few of his prime prospects. It’s Monday, let’s talk about the Inside Scoop.

The Inside Scoop – 7/25/16

Baron Browning and Sam Ehlinger hang out at DKR. (Justin Wells/T)

The Scoop wraps up UT’s Under the Lights with news and notes from some of the state’s best. We talk new offers, visits, and more as we’re closer to 2-a-days and Fall camp, while also adding a few hoops tidbits. Football is around the corner but the Scoop is right now.

The Inside Scoop – 7/18/16

DKR Texas-Memorial Stadium. (Justin Wells/IT)

The Scoop looks closer at Under the Lights and who’s going to be there. We also go tight end hunting for UT’s take in the Class of 2017 and hoops predictions on some of Shaka Smart’s top targets. The Inside Scoop delivers on Mondays.

The Inside Scoop – 7/11/16

Marvin Wilson at The Opening. (Justin Wells/IT)

For a long time we’ve discussed flip-flopping the Humidor and Inside Scoop. With the Humidor posted last Friday and Justin and I just returning from Oregon, we feel now is the time to do it. The reasoning is quite simple, the Humidor builds up better to games than the Scoop does, and we’d prefer to contact kids and sources on the weekend rather than during the week, especially during the school year.

The Inside Scoop – 7/1/16

Donovan Duvernay. (Nike)

We explore the up-and-down nature of recruiting, a few Texas pledges on de-commit watch, and how Devin Duvernay could be the final piece to Charlie Strong and winning in Austin. It’s the first of the month and the Inside Scoop.