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Fridays in the Humidor – 10/21/16

Shane Buechele vs OSU. (Will Gallagher/IT)

This week’s Humidor provides a healthy puff of team information, including the status of the o-line, secondary and a young running back. The staff then breaks down what else Texas could be doing in its “Texas fast” veer and shoot scheme, including a few simple changes. Finally, we jump into where the recruitment of one of the state’s top wide outs is currently.

Fridays in the Humidor – 10/14/16

Charlie Strong. (Will Gallagher/IT)

I can’t help but chuckle as I routinely witness people predict the outcome they least want as the most likely. What are the odds that what you always fear is what’s always most likely? Texas has a reputation for exerting conference hegemony, indifferent or spiteful academics in charge of high level athletic decisions, and meddlesome boosters all culminating in a cesspool. Kirk Herbstreit was right! Three or four years ago.

Fridays in the Humidor – 9/9/16

The Foreman brothers celebrate at DKR. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Hopefully the team has done a better job (Buechele throws to the corner….) of putting the game behind it (…Foreman hauls it in!) than we here at IT have. I trust it won’t be an issue, or at least one that will languish into the second half tomorrow.

Fridays in the Humidor: 9/2/16

Elijah Rodriguez and Tyrone Swoopes celebrate. (Will Gallagher/IT)

We’re two days from the opening of the Texas Football season in 2016. If CHARLIE STRONG didn’t agree to move the Texas game to Sunday we’d have football tomorrow.

We go position by position for the best team info. We also update the status of Texas pledges’ Sam Ehlinger and Xavier Newman inside the Humidor.

Fridays in the Humidor – 8/19/16

Deshon Elliott. (Will Gallagher/IT)

In this edition of Fridays in the Humidor, we give insight as to who is having a solid camp in each position group, the overall mentality of the team heading into the marquee match-up against the Fighting Irish and how Charlie Strong’s August has been filled with good news on the recruiting trail.

Inside the Humidor – 8/5/16

Texas at fall practice. (Will Gallagher/IT)

In this edition of inside the Humidor the Big Cigar comes out guns blazing over some rumor and innuendo regarding realignment and conference adds. He’s also got some insight on where this team sits from the coaches’ perception as we head into two-a-days. Finally, our eye in the sky has some team lifting number that you won’t want to miss, inside the Humidor.

Team Chemistry/Unity/Pulse—(insert platitudes and clichés here)

Inside the Humidor – 7/29/16

Brandon Jones. (Courtesy of

Today in Inside the Humidor we have some insight as to what’s going on with weekly workouts as Fall camp is fast approaching. Our sources talk about the young guns expected to see the field when the Fighting Irish hit Austin and also have a little bit of intel on what the current situation is with realignment in the Big 12. With Grant of Rights set to expire in what seems like a 100 years, Texas seems poised to take its medicine with the addition of the Cougs and Bearkats?