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Fridays in the Humidor: 1/26/18

Keondre Coburn (Eric Nahlin/IT)

In this Humidor, the IT staff goes over the final push for the 2018 class including this weekend’s official visitors, finding linebackers to fit in the class, defensive line recruiting, and breaking down the size the class could end up at.

Fridays in the Humidor – 12/22/17

Lil'Jordan Humphrey (Will Gallagher/IT)

Christmas came early as 19 of 21 commits signed their National Letter of Intent on Wednesday. That’s a whopping amount coming on the heels of 6-6. For the staff I’m sure it’s a relief to have so many recruitments put to bed before the bowl game.

The bowl game is on the 27th of course and although it’s seemed to be on the back-burner because of signing day, the team is working diligently to prepare.

Fridays in the Humidor – 12/15/17

Tom Herman and DeMarvion Overshown talk during UT's Satellite camp at ETBU. (Justin Wells/IT)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and by that I mean NSD1.

The Texas staff has put together quite the haul, even if players who are considered foregone conclusions to sign are often overlooked. It’s like when you snooped around the house looking for your presents in advance of them being wrapped. It’s not quite as fun when you know what you’re going to get, but sometimes it’s nice to remove anxiety out of the equation. Heaven forbid you don’t get that Tonka truck defensive tackle.

Fridays in the Humidor: 12/1/17

Tom Herman (Will Gallagher/IT)

Program, team, recruiting; it’s what we do, but rather than throwing Molotov cocktails throughout the 40 Acres we’re going to use a flashlight to illuminate the little things that are adding up to the bigger things. It’s like a mosaic with each pixel being it’s own picture, but as you step away all the pixels come together to create an entirely different and singular image. Right now some are predicting that image to be DKR on fire, or maybe Herman wearing one of those hats with a spinner on it, but the full image is nowhere near complete and I’d urge people to let the next couple months play out.

Thanksgiving leftovers in the Humidor

Tom Herman. (Will Gallagher/IT)

The West Virginia win was big in many regards. We’ve been mentioning how big the win was for team psyche and long-term buy-in, but it was also a good opportunity to raise some money for the school. A booster or two took it upon himself to get the hat passed around and a significant amount of money was pledged in a short period of time. Even at the season’s lowest points we mentioned Herman was under no heat from the school or boosters but that doesn’t mean key players were in a hurry to part with money. The WVU win was a nice little windfall for your struggling little athletic department.

Fridays in the Humidor – 11/17/17

Connor Williams. (Will Gallagher/IT)

By now you’ve heard Cade Brewer is out for the remainder of the season. That’s bad enough, but that bad news is compounded by him missing the spring as well. Perhaps Andrew Beck will be back but for a team still working on offensive identity going into next year this isn’t good news. Last night we heard Brewer was on crutches….

Fridays in the Humidor – 11/10/17

Shane Buechele (Will Gallagher/IT)

There are three games left and all three are winnable. Winning out would be a godsend for a team that is increasingly frustrated with how the season has gone.

The good news is Texas has Kansas up next. That’s about where the good news ends.

Fridays in the Humidor – 11/2/17

Terrace Marshall (Justin Wells/IT)

This specific Texas team knows it owes TCU for the recent pasteings. This sounds like a pretty vengeful bunch, at least on defense. I don’t know that Texas will win, but I feel confident TCU will know it’s been in a fight.

Recruiting tempered some over the course of the week. The OU momentum faded a bit, at least as it concerns Texas. Keondre Coubrn canceled his trip to Alabama, and some big official visits have been set up.