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Post-Official Visit: Vernon Broughton

Vernon Broughton. (Eric Nahlin/IT)

I was able to catch up with the mother of elite defensive end prospect Vernon Broughton (Cy Ridge) after the family made its official visit to Austin this past weekend. Per the usual Yolanda Wells-Broughton offered some insightful answers, but perhaps her most telling reply is one she mostly declined.
Here’s how the conversation went.

Next Big Thing: Clayton Smith

Clayton Smith. (Justin Wells/IT)

At first glance, it’s difficult not to notice the 6-foot-4, 220-pound sophomore on the practice field at Texas High. He’s long, athletic, and seems to find the ball on most plays. Three plays into his scrimmage, and he had two PBUs and a sack from OLB and DE. But there’s something else to see. That would be Texas High OLB Clayton Smith.

The Inside Scoop – 5/6/19

Jaylen Garth, Logan Parr, Jake Majors, Chad Lindberg

Huge official visit weekend means notes, quotes, and everything in between. Lindberg, Thompson, Garth, Parr, Broughton, Princely, and Pleasant Grove’s treasure chest in this week’s Scoop.

Fridays in the Humidor: 5/3/19

Chris Thompson (Justin Wells/IT)

Despite beginning the calendar with a win over vaunted Georgia, the early positive momentum, the success of the last two recruiting classes, and being in excellent standing with a handful of priority prospects, there is a sense of uneasiness with the lack of early 2020’s committed this cycle for UT. Well, within parts of the fan base at least. The staff… they’re perfectly fine with where they sit.