Inside the Gameplan: Red River roundup

The beginning of Texas’ 2019 Big 12 schedule would have been absolutely brutal in 2018. After the Rice game the Longhorns start their league slate with Mike Gundy’s Oklahoma State Cowboys, then get a bye week to “prepare for a road trip to West Virginia,” with the Red River Shootout against the Oklahoma Sooners looming the following weekend. Like any head coach with any sense, Tom Herman will pack extra anti-Sooner prep into that bye week. The likely collapse of the Mountaineers in year one after Dana Holgorsen will only increase the amount of extra Sooner gameplanning that Texas sneaks into that bye week. You’ll hear the exact opposite from Herman, the staff, the players, and gullible commentators but feel free to ignore that.
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Late night recruiting notes have been Broughton

Things heated up this evening when The Opening participants joined the Elite 11 quarterbacks here in Frisco. Measurements, 40-yard dashes, power ball, and broad jumps were followed by position-by-position situations and drills - OL vs DL, RB vs LB, WR vs CB. Just when the battles had started, in walked the four-star defensive lineman from Cypress Ridge, Vernon Broughton. Questions were asked. Answers were given.
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Fridays in the Humidor – 6/28/19

By: Justin and Eric While many fret about recruiting we'll begin with what's truly important -- preparation for the upcoming season. We can't say every day has been record breaking, but the good news is, a bad day of running or lifting is measurably better than good days last year. That underlines what we've been saying, the team is stronger and faster than at any other point in the Herman tenure. That's not an opinion.
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Notes & Quotes on 2021 class

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Inside the Gameplan: The pre-conference slate

The non-conference slate is much easier than previous seasons, at least there isn’t a bizarre game against a unique and talented Maryland squad before injuries sap their roster but instead the LSU home game sandwiched between bouts with Louisiana Tech and “at Rice” in NRG which will likely hold mostly Texas fans. There’s all the potential in the world here for Texas to win the Big 12 championship and make the playoffs under one of the following three scenarios.

2019’s Secret Offensive Key: Winning Wide & Getting Separation Outside

There are plenty of factors that will prove decisive in whether the Longhorns get it done in 2019, but Longhorn receivers winning against man coverage outside is one of the less explored dimensions. If there's a subtle sabotage of the 2019 season that doesn't involve injury, this is one real possibility. As part of my Thinking Texas Football preview research, I just finished reviewing the Longhorn passing game performance against higher end cornerbacks and then assessed the schedule quality of 2019's slate of outside defenders.