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Recruiting Notebook – 2/24/18

Garrett Wilson at the UIL State Championship. (Justin Wells/IT)

This week starts in North Houston with one of the state’s best corners, then down to Cuero for 5-star level athlete on both sides of the ball, swing over to ETX for an offensive lineman meaner than a pitbull, then finish in the ATX with the best WR in-state. It’s an all 2019 Recruiting Notebook.

Inside the Gameplan: Gary Johnson, 2018 Player Hater of the Year

Gary Johnson (Will Gallgher/IT)

The 2017 season was a very unique one for Todd Orlando and his defense. That’s not terribly shocking since he was inheriting a team he didn’t recruit and facing arguably the most lethal offensive league in college football for the first time of his career. While the AAC is filled with creative and dangerous offenses, there’s no comparison to the Big 12 where every other weekend forces the defense to square off against QB play that would be in the top echelon of most other leagues. Orlando was forced to adapt in a variety of ways in order to give his guys a chance to make plays and prevent scores.

Top Corner Target Marcus Banks Post-Texas Visit

Marcus Banks (Justin Wells/IT)

My suspicions for some time have been that Marcus Banks is the best corner in the state. There are some guys perhaps more athletic for the position — Marquez Beason, maybe — but I don’t think Beason brings the complete accompaniment of traits that Banks does. There isn’t a real weakness to Banks, and two of the baseline musts these days are strengths. Banks combines both length and fluidity.