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Inside the Gameplan: Top goals for the spring on defense

BJ Foster (Will Gallagher/IT)

Teams normally build their identity in the fall, and find their cornerstones in the spring. Last spring is when Todd Orlando determined that Brandon Jones was going to be a key piece of the puzzle in 2018 and what exactly he was going to offer (superior tackling and run support). They also established that Lil’Jordan Humphrey was one of the best players on the team and spent the fall figuring out how to maximize his abilities.

Current take on the in-state top 25

Zach Evans (Will Gallagher/IT)

247 is releasing their new national rankings today. With it amounting to an instate top 25 or so I wanted to get mine out as well. I plan on extending this to 100 by mid-March and then to write something up on the 2021 class by the end of March. That should be fun.

Five-star RB Kendall Milton recaps Texas visit

Kendall Milton (via Milton)

The Clovis, CA., five-star running back made his way to Oklahoma and Texas for successive visits these past few days. He arrived in Austin on Friday and was supposed to leave on Saturday but stayed an extra day. Dates that go that well usually end in a pretty serious relationship but not always marriage.

Fridays in the Humidor – 2/22/19

Jeffrey McCulloch, Josh Thompson (Will Gallagher/IT)

The IT Staff provides an in-depth look at the way off-season workouts are run and who’s impressed during Yancy McKnight’s time with the team. Then, we look at who the Longhorns are looking to add to #cloUT2020 in the secondary and along the offensive line. It’s Friday, it’s the Humidor.

UT goes hunting in East Texas

Landon Jackson and Marcus Burris at UT Junior Day Weekend in Austin. (Justin Wells/IT)

It’s been a cycle since Texas snagged an East Texas prospect. Keaontay Ingram and DeMarvion Overshown both pledged to the Longhorns Class of 2018 within days of each other two summers ago. With the region low on talent in 2019, the UT staff has gone back into the piney woods where a handful of 2020s and a sh*t ton 2021s are beginning to catch colleges attention.

Inside the Gameplan: Linebacker play for 2019

Jeffrey McCulloch (Will Gallagher/IT)

Linebacker has been a real challenge for Todd Orlando since coming to Texas and the Big 12 in 2017. While the American Athletic Conference is heavy on spread concepts, it doesn’t attack linebackers in coverage like the Big 12 does. In fact, no other conference attacks linebackers in coverage like the Big 12 does. Orlando’s concessions to the demands of defending the spread were actually a step behind where they needed to be in order to battle the Air Raid gurus in his new conference.