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My take on maximizing the class

Rondale Moore (Justin Wells/IT)

With the de-commitment of Juco tight end Dominick Wood-Anderson, the staff is back to 18 pledges. I won’t lose any sleep over Wood-Anderson, even when he likely ends up at OU, but tight end has been a question mark on the field and in the class. Hold that thought.

Joseph Ossai: Season first, decision second

Joseph Ossai (Eric Nahlin/IT)

Conroe Oak Ridge defender Joseph Ossai may have one of the best mental evaluations I’ve seen in some time. We know he prides himself on academics and wants to be an engineer but that’s only part of it, he is also a tireless worker and natural leader who takes football very seriously.

Defensive line, thoughts on current depth, next year, and recruiting

Chris Nelson and Poona Ford (Will Gallagher/IT)

Perhaps with the exception of the wide receivers, the defensive line has played the most consistent football this year of any position group. Because of that, the trepidation of the 2018 recruiting class has been much more muted than that of their cohorts on the offensive line.

I’m not particularly worried about either, but if we’re going to discuss the offensive line we might as well dissect the defensive line.

Jamison selects Texas, absurd DB class gets better

D'shawn Jamison (Eric Nahlin/IT)

The 2018 class of defensive backs will very likely finish as the highest rated group the school has ever signed. Without researching it too much, it will also likely be the best position group to sign of any that routinely takes three players or more per cycle. For a school that fancies itself as DBU, that’s quite an accomplishment.