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The push to NSD begins, and there’s a lot of work to do

Longhorn commit Kobe Boyce

It’s not even December and Texas has its new head coach and much of its staff decided. That is very rare, and very beneficial to the big recruiting push that’s about to take place. While that push is happening, the staff will have to get its bearings on the fly, as there is a lot of information to account for and angles to play.

Of utmost importance internally is understanding the landscape, identifying the most important targets, familiarity with unique scenarios, and understanding the timing of it all, all while keeping the current commits in the fold.

Attacking Recruiting

Sam Ehlinger (Justin Wells/IT)

Nearing Thanksgiving and only seven recruits committed. Typically not ideal but after two heart-stopping cycles of late finishes with Charlie Strong you should be accustomed to this. It doesn’t look like Strong will be here on NSD, but the finish is guaranteed to be furious.

A look at some 2018’s on the Texas radar

Jalen Preston (Eric Nahlin/IT)

You can’t tell by the temperature outside, but Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. Perhaps a better indicator of that will be lines at the grocery store. They’re the worst.

Thanksgiving means being thankful another merciful offseason is upon us, which typically means belly laughing at the foibles of rival schools and recruiting at a higher level than the team plays.

Big classes are the new normal

Charlie Strong. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Conventional wisdom has the 2017 class below 20, especially after Texas extended a life raft to the four Baylor signees. That’s not necessarily the case and we think the class will finish somewhere in the low 20’s.

The only way yearly large classes work is through attrition; lots of it. Turnover might not be good for many business models, but in college recruiting its how you keep the depth chart competitive.

Recruiting Notebook – 8/3/16

Jarell Cherry at UT's satellite camp in Dallas. (Justin Wells/IT)

This week’s Notebook starts in the San Antonio area with a completely safety and under the radar wide receiver that turned heads at Under the Lights, back to DFW for up-and-coming SDE, then finishes in East Texas with an offensive lineman from a traditional power. We cover the Lone Star state in the Recruiting Notebook.

The Inside Scoop – 8/1/16

Josh Thompson. (Justin Wells/IT)

Let’s talk roster numbers. Let’s talk to new recruiting targets. Let’s talk coaches calling kids at midnight. And let’s talk hoops and where UT stands with a few of his prime prospects. It’s Monday, let’s talk about the Inside Scoop.

Recruiting Notes + Q&A

Baron Browning, (Justin Wells/IT)

All recruiting, all day today at Inside Texas. I drop news and notes on Baron Browning, Chuck Filiaga, Tanner McCalister, and more, then Justin Wells and I do a Recruiting Q&A at 9:30AM.

Come talk Texas Football recruiting with us today at IT.

Under the Lights Recap

Sam and Shane at Under the Lights at DKR. (Justin Wells/IT)

Texas’ third annual Under the Lights camp had plenty of talent on hand, including talent already on campus and committed, to talent waiting to get to campus. Here are some of the names I made note of.

More from Joe Cook and Justin Wells.