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Recruiting Q&A: Three Weeks Remain

2018 Texas commits (via Twitter)

Many will want absolute answers when there’s still a lot of uncertainty, but Texas is poised for a very fine finish on defensive line, though finding a Rover is still a concern. I’d also like to see more traction with slot receiver. The staff could defer to 2019 if necessary.

Post-NSD1 Recruiting Q&A

Keondre Coburn (Will/Gallagher/IT)

The biggest news yesterday was Anthony Cook pledging to Texas and then signing this a.m. My favorite news, however, was the signing of Michael Grandy. I’m a fool for depth.

We can talk about all that and whatever else recruiting related.

How We Arrived Here: NSD1 Rewind

Cam Rising. (Will Gallagher/IT)

If you follow recruiting year-round this post isn’t necessarily for you, though maybe it’ll make for a good refresher. If you forgo the drama and only have interest in recruiting to understand what players your program is definitely getting, then this offering should be insightful.

Changing landscape makes for interesting race ahead of NSD1

Tom Herman (Will Gallagher/IT)

Recruiting fans, and not just Texas fans, might want to buckle up, and I don’t simply mean a seat belt. Maybe affix a helmet and HANS device as well. The road ahead is going to have many twists and turns and the traffic will be of the ‘rubbin’ is racin” variety. There may even be a spike strip of a bad beat along the way but Texas is still in contention for a podium finish and champagne bath.

A look at the state of the offensive line

Patrick Hudson (Will Gallagher/IT)

After the spring game Tom Herman voiced concerns over depth on the offensive line. I somewhat brushed those concerns off saying, “depth will only be debilitating if you have multiple injuries at the same time.” Then we found out Herman and Derek Warehime had a Murphy’s Law debt to finish paying from their previous year at Houston where anything that could go wrong on the offensive line did.