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Luke Ford (Justin Wells/IT)

Texas has racked up in the last 10 days commitments from the state’s best player and corner in Jalen Green, and two vertical threat receivers in Al’vonte Woodardand Brennan Eagles. We’re seeing recruiting done at an extremely high level. It’s not all just social media show business; the staff puts in the hours and effort.

A perusal of Big 12 recruiting

Texas at Oklahoma State. (Justin Wells/IT)

If you’re unaware of how Texas has positioned itself for the class of 2018, this is your first day at IT. Welcome!

But what’s going on in the rest of the conference? From following general recruiting my suspicion has been the rest of the conference is recruiting better top to bottom than in years past, but after writing this it seems status quo overall. Some schools are up, some down, but overall it seems to even out versus previous cycles.

Some Opening Randomness

Tommy Bush (Eric Nahlin/IT)

Saturday’s competition included my favorite feature of this event – the 1 on 1s – and they were chippy to say the least. I thought for sure an unlikely player was about to throw down but luckily that didn’t happen.

State 7-on-7 Championship preview


Late June and early July marks the beginning of the contact dead period for college football coaches. In order to fill that void, The Opening puts on their elite event in Oregon. At the same time in the Texas heat, high school 7-on-7 teams from all over the state gather in College Station to try and battle for the Texas State 7-on-7 Championship.

The Opening Finals preview

D'Shawn Jamison (Eric Nahlin/IT)

Texas offers at The Opening number north of 40. That should lead to a fair amount of content, though the relevant targets as we know them are far less than that. Still, it’s always smart to ask anyone participating if they’re hearing from Texas and how much. Every year a player who wasn’t in heavy contact with Texas in the summer emerges with interest in the fall. We’ll attempt to root out any such players.