Coach V’s Grades: Maryland

Reggie Hemphill-Mapps (Will Gallagher/IT)

Reggie Hemphill-Mapps (Will Gallagher/IT)

B is the lowest passing grade.

It’s not much fun grading a UT football game anymore. Once again we had aces and spaces. Even the most casual fan can’t be criticized for speculating player and coaching performances in a clinker like this. Everybody should share the blame. There is definitely enough to go around. Since most subjects have been covered in great detail I will limit my questionable inquiries to a few that I haven’t seen posted yet….so here goes.

I’m most concerned offensively about our passing scheme where we hinge every OL away from flow and depend on our RB (in 4 wide) or our TE/Hback (3 wide) to block the DE (by himself). Any chance our QB would like another vote on this scheme?

I have read several thoughts on why we had a TE in the game most of the time and very few have been positive. My question is which coach decided our TE was one of our best 22 players since that has been the benchmark statement from our staff from the word go.

We have been told starters would be active on special teams. I sincerely hope the staff grades the kickoff team where offensive starters Duvernay and Leonard plus D. Boyd might need a little more coaching on passion and technique.

Our QB is still leaving the pocket on his own (RB’s vs. DE’s is a definite pre-snap thought) and running into pressures/sacks/throwaway’s on his own. The biggest concern is that he drifts deeper and slower than is healthy—it’s a habit now that’s left unchanged for a second year/staff.

If we didn’t convince MM that we would throw to the TE position yesterday I don’t think we ever will. Just saying…





















Holton Hill (Will Gallagher/IT)

Holton Hill (Will Gallagher/IT)

I had high hopes that I would see solid improvement from the majority of our returning starters but that dog didn’t hunt yesterday. Honestly, I’m not convinced that what I’m seeing is as good as their high school video. Have most of these blues peaked before playing their first college game? When returning starters (and key backups) make more mistakes/errors than plays there is reason for concern.

I thought we were facing a good running team with a very questionable passing QB. I figured we would load the front and dare them to beat our CB’s with their pitch and catch game. Well, I guess we got over-confident after the first pick-six because we then decided to cover the hell out of deep except when they threw deep. This didn’t help our cause in the box or the alleys.

I thought the days of unsound alignments and techniques were over when Orlando and staff rode into town. I thought the days of multiple missed tackles per player were buried in the past. We had experience returning and this wasn’t exactly Lake Travis on defense. Well, right on that call. We were worse with much less passion.

We stuck the 4i on their butts and made them like it. Well, they definitely liked it. We reduced two solid run defenders (Nelson and Roach) to disappearing acts. It is only fair to say Omenihu played his tail off and stood up to be counted.

We wanted to tie up blockers and allow our LB’s to run and stick with authority. Has anybody seen our LB’s? Did we even play our fast LB other than kickoffs? He might have made a few plays but we will never know now. Does moving to Austin mean you must give up your teaching license about coaching LB’s? Must have passed that law when we weren’t paying attention.

Watching Maryland’s first and last td’s told me all I needed to see with regard to our safeties. You don’t want to go back and watch 11 or 19 on those two plays.


















Marqez Bimage and Josh Thompson had outstanding kickoff tackles but didn’t play a single scrimmage play. We failed to play many backups—I guess they saw a different performance out of our starters than my tired old eyes obviously lied to me. We called it breaking your plate in the old days. Football players having fun.

I saw a bunch of athletes on our side yesterday. I didn’t see that many football players.