Coach V’s Grades – Oklahoma State

Chris Warren (Will Gallagher/IT)

Chris Warren (Will Gallagher/IT)

All right let’s get this puppy discussed and hopefully stress as many positive points as possible along the way. We can blame a cast of dozens in the locker room and that’s fair game as long as we attempt to remain constructive where it’s merited. We have zero authority to make perceived changes in personnel, schemes, play-calling, or deciding to send our all-world punter on first down and let him give us field position by himself so that removes our best solution to the major problems.

The Oline didn’t get the job done as a unit. We lost the LOS over and over regardless of scheme. We missed several simple end-tackle twists which broke our desire/confidence to throw down the field. We simply can’t pull our RG and get an on-time block—we don’t have a RB slow enough. We have lost the ability to maintain the LOS with a nose over our center. Both OT’s are overmatched from a speed rushing DE’s and inside moves/stunts eat their lunch. Vahe played pretty well except for the two twists he and Okafor butchered.

We had more dropped passes than normal from the WR group. It’s only fair to mention that two of the drops had as much to do with the QB serving the receiver up—you can’t throw high in confined areas and expect the ball to be caught without incident. Watch Dunervay’s block on Heard’s 20 yard gain on a hitch—driving the defender 5 yards out of bounds is a difference making block. John Burt sighting twice—that’s great.

The RB’s blocked well at times. Still wondering what happened to the RB screens and swings that worked against OU—did we give junior too much credit for their ability to stop those plays since senior didn’t slow them down? Chris had a good block on a QB scramble/run. I wish I had a clue as to what scheme best suits the talent at RB for this team. Brewer had several winning blocks but that holding call was hard to digest.

Sam is going the distance in too many heavyweight fights. We must find better short yardage alternatives. Sam gets enough contact with valuable scrambles keeping drives alive but that damn QB power is not necessary. Sam slowed down considerably as the game wore on yesterday. Adjustments must be made before he loses the zip that makes him the player that he is.

Here are the grades:



30—Carter—(Limited Pass)
















Brandon Jones and P.J. Locke (Will Gallagher/IT)

Brandon Jones and P.J. Locke (Will Gallagher/IT)

We are playing some damn fine defensive football this year. Maybe yesterday was our best effort this year. It was very refreshing to see our corners stand up to a quality passing game. We are a much more effective unit with the personnel changes Orlando made—guys were playing out of normal position and were playing extremely well.

I can’t begin to tell you just how difficult it is to play a five man box/front against a quality ground game but our guys stood the test of time. Orlando dared junior to cram the ball down our throat but they fell short because their five couldn’t win the LOS against our three. It really helps to have two backers that can run and cause wrecks. We played well in the secondary with one exception—hopefully that will be addressed before Baylor.

I think it only fitting that I talk about our three DL personnel. Hager and McCulloch joined Omenihu, Nelson, and Roach as anywhere from loose 5’s to loose three techniques. Graham joined Poona and Wilbon as our noses. This gave us tremendous quickness and overall pursuit speed as a front—slanting quicker people gave the Cowboy OL fits most of the snaps.

Gary Johnson gives us outstanding contact movement in both attacking the LOS and pursuit in space.

Removing the fourth DL/OLB and adding John Bonney as a robber/deep middle adds production and shores up a definite weakness in our scheme.

We still have a safety that isn’t making the plays he should be making. You just can’t fall down in coverage without any contact. Missed tackles are still a problem and dropping an interception isn’t helping his cause.

I’m still not happy that we line up beat near the GL but that’s just me being me. Allowing an OT a straight shot at a 3 technique LB just isn’t sound and in my book never will be. Rant finished but felt obligated since I watched our 3 get reached by the OG and the uncovered OT ear-holing our play-side backer again this morning. Yuk.

Here are the grades”



















18—Davis—(Limited Pass)