Coach V’s Grades: Texas-Baylor

Kris Boyd. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Kris Boyd. (Will Gallagher/IT)

There are always different ways to do things. Take the new fangled spread offenses—there are several different varieties offered just here in this conference alone. Everybody has their own way to defend said offenses. Some might force the run with light numbers in the box. Some might force the pass with an extra defender in the box. Some try to disguise both with squirms, shifts, and dynamic bluffs. The secret is to be sound with your plan and assignments so that when you guess wrong you don’t get burned badly. None of that describes the UT defense.

We may know how to coach defense. We may have done it before. We may be able to identify and develop athletes into defensive football players. What we can’t do is convince anybody to run a pro-set I anymore. Anyone thinking it’s the same fix whether it’s the shotgun spread or a pro formation with a QB under center is fooling themselves. You can’t fix defense the same way you did when offenses had a ton in common. We don’t coach with confidence and we darn sure don’t field confident defensive players.

We can’t rush a pocket passer with lane integrity. We can’t display nor perform a very basic high school zone. We aren’t executing assignment football when it’s totally necessary. We can’t come close to stopping a jail break screen but we make up for it by not being able to run a successful one our own sweet self. We play all QB’s off limits whether it’s draw or scramble. Well, we miss tackles on everybody regardless of who is carrying the ball.

We scored enough to win this one. I hope we don’t count on that next week. Here are the grades:

GT-GL. sack. steady.

GTZ. MA-zone read. sack. MA—contain lane integrity. GTZ.

MT td run. GTZ. sack. good hustle tackle on QB scramble.

MT. GT QB keep. MT. GTZ.

GTZ. QBH. GTZ. good hustle tackle. good hit QB.

lost LOS. GTZ. caused fumble red zone.

QBH. GTZ. great tackle short yardage. MT.


bad plug (3). good play sweep. blocked (5). wtf? (2). MT QB. GOFT. GTZ. GT-GL.

best game of his career. GOFT-QB. GTZ. good play sweep. GTZ. GOFT. bad read (4). blocked (2).

best effort in his career but made physical mistakes. MT-Z. Bad read (2). PBU. MT-space. MT blitz. MT-Z. MT. MT on scrape. GOFT. GOFT. GOFT. GT-QB. sack. QBH. MT. big hit tackle.

blocked (5). MT. MT. MT. GOFT. GT-z. GOFT. MT-z. MT-QB.

GOFT. beat td pass (fell). beat td pass deep.

MT (td). GOFT. GOFT. MT-zone. MT-long run. MT-(GL). MT. MT-QB GT QB. GT screen. PBU.

GT-Z. beat on throwback pass. MT. GTZ. GOFT. GT-GL.

GTZ. Great PBU. caused interception. GOFT. GOFT. GOFT. beat on double move. big hit-QB.

GOFT. caught short on deep throw.

best game of his career. good interception. Good PBU. good play sweep. GT screen. PBU. fumble recovery. GOFT.

GOFT. kickoff tackle.

probably best game of his career. GOFT. GTZ. PBU. PBU. GOFT. GOFT. GOFT. MT-QB. GOFT.

25- –Davis had kickoff tackle.

19—Jones had 2 kickoff tackles.

23—Shark had punt tackle.

We graded out very well against the Bears yesterday but it should be noted they aren’t very talented in the front seven this season. We made too many mistakes in fundamentals in the backfield. We only dropped one pass among the receivers but also had a costly fumble at the end of a long run. Our TE’s had a very solid day that even included two catches and one td as a bonus. Our OL had the usual aces and spaces—the aces were the left side while the spaces were aligned on the right side of the formation.

We had the best player on the field at RB for the good guys and he didn’t take any prisoners on his way to 250 bruising yards and a couple of scores. We tried to ad-lib a backup RB and that was a disaster to be kind—he’s a specialized QB and needs to remain in that position.

Why we felt the need to use D’onta at flanker in short yardage while running Ty will probably need to remain one of life’s mysteries. I love the offense—I hate the play calling. Here are the grades:

good td throw. needs to throw the ball away instead of giving ground outside the pocket. poor hand technique on zone fake. bad decision to ground ball from pocket. opened wrong way on zone. good throw slant.

tip toe as RB. squatted after zone fake which prevents 7 from completing play. fumble hand-off on zone.

33—D. Foreman—A-
warrior. words can’t do him justice.

two good runs in limited action. pass blocking needs improvement.

1—Burt had one drop.

good block screen. hitch.

3—A. Foreman—B+
good catch out route. good td catch. good catch and run on slant but fumbled in the red zone. terrific catch on deep ball.

terrific catch and run on slant for big play late. injured again is a crying shame.

good block screen. good catch and run screen. good catch and run screen. good block on Joe’s long play.

good block screen.

great catch and run on out.

good catch out. bad decision on return kickoff.

great power block. BRB. great block on td run. good power block. great drive block. BRB.

good kickout block. BRB. holding penalty. good catch and run on out route. BRB. good catch and run for td. BRB.

good block td run. BRB. great block td run. great block sweep. good block zone. good pull block. great pull block. GBZ.

great drive block. great block td run. BRB. good drive block. good block sweep. good pull block. good block pull. GBZ. good pull block. what a tremendous find.

good block td run. GZB. tripped pulling guard losing LOS. GBZ.

BPB. great power block. GZB. GZB. BRB.

BPB. BPB. GBZ. BPB. not aggressive on too many blocks.

(5) good pull blocks. BPB. BRB. GBZ. GBZ.