Coach V’s Grades – WVU

Jeffrey McCulloch (Will Gallagher/IT)
Jeffrey McCulloch (Will Gallagher/IT)

If you are looking for feel good words about our defensive performance yesterday you might need to check another post. I will attempt to use only the best of the worst in describing the defensive effort from the top on down.

We found out early that WVU wasn’t going to allow us to stop their ground game in our 3-2 front (some might refer to it as our 3 (-2) ) with just cause. Moving into our nickel moved the starting Mac (because of suspension) into a more familiar role of B backer while adding the former starter at Mac into the front line plugger. We found out WVU liked that also. Very much.

It’s really a challenge to figure out whether we had more missed tackles or bad (poor) angles. They had a hard fought battle to stay in front of our new technique of body block tackling which eliminates wrapping up (which appears to be overrated for these players and this staff alike).

We feel it’s only fair we turn at least one receiver out to practice early at least once a quarter. We seem to find a way to get mass confusion in our coverages. It would be nice if the confusion was on the offense (QB and WR) but that’s not working. Course it’s only been 9 games and a couple of hundred practices so we still have time, I guess.

Have you noticed our new technique of tackling. We are going to refer to it as big hit without wrapping or actually tackling to the ground. It’s a new discovery that requires a free form of diving at the runner without using the arms. We have several that have it down to perfection.

It’s time to put some grades down now. Feel free to disagree all you wish. I know I will have some too high and some too low but we did make some decent plays along the way. Nobody should have to grade this game. I know four coaches that should grade it over and over so they can reteach the mistakes made.

Here are grades for whatever they are worth:


44—Hager—only six plays.


42—Bimage—B- (limited plays)











18—Davis—only two plays.



A few notes:

Ojomo (98) had one nice tackle.

Coburn (99) had one good pursuit.

Graham (49) missed a cinch sack after a good rush.

Collin Johnson (Will Gallagher/IT)
Collin Johnson (Will Gallagher/IT)

Over 500 yards, 41 points, and zero turnovers makes for a winning performance of offensive football regardless of opponent. Unfortunately, we scored our last go-ahead td too early. Thems the breaks when you have our lack of defense closing the game.

We made more five star plays than we made clinkers. We broke down a few times in our OL but they remain miles ahead of average. It’s hard to determine which group is our best offensive bunch and that’s a good thing. Sam missed a couple (Beck) but with LJH’s help he made big plays with only a few bad decisions.

I guess I would have to rank the WR’s first yesterday. LJH had one interference call. Everything else was top notch. DD pitched in with his best game as a Horn. Collin had one called back (LJH) but moved the chains with clutch catches.

The RB’s had some nifty gains mixed with a few outnumbered. The OLine was efficient and in some instances were dominant. TE (Beck) had some dandy down blocks but missed a pass block and a couple of edge blocks.

Here are the grades:














Notable notes:

Rodriguez (72) had a tough holding call but had two terrific pull blocks.

Vahe (77) had a pass block and one pull that came up empty—also several big drive blocks.

Cosmi is playing as well as any OT in the league.

Anderson was his usual good playing self—we struck gold here.

Shack played very well—one missed communication block with Rodriguez where both released the NT on a switch situation. Good snaps and strong effort against the nose.

Duvernay made plays plus the big one at the end. He’s gaining Sam’s trust which is vital to add a third option in our WR passing game (limits the coverage vs. CJ and LJH).

LJH had two circus catches that keeps padding our throw it up and our guys will get it plays.

We finally played someone that schemed our QB keep on the GL. It’s time to find another gem to keep them honest.

It’s maddening that we take so much time getting the audible from the sidelines sometimes. We aren’t doing Sam any favors with this strategy. Sometimes either/or is the best bet for a time limit decision.

Sam (11) broke the Big 12 record for consecutive passes without an interception yesterday. His play has been highlight stuff mixed with above average production and zero turnovers. Murray and Grier are first class QB’s but Sam’s play ranks him pretty high on the totem pole.

Watson (5) had his best game in a while. Watson and Ingram (26) are very good blockers. They are underrated blockers in my opinion.

We cost ourselves points with a few badly executed plays.

Finally, we played much better offense than that group of zebras officiated the game. Sad. Really sad.

Buddy Holly country next week.