Cuero teammates, UT target’s Whittington and Taylor

Bralen Taylor and Jordan Whittington. (courtesy of Whittington)

Bralen Taylor and Jordan Whittington. (courtesy of Whittington)

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Being a high school graduate in the mid-90’s I’ve been familiar with the Cuero Gobblers for quite some time. During that time, they had a quarterback you may be familiar with named Clint Finley. Finley was a helluva track athlete with a strong arm who signed with Nebraska when it was still a major deal to do so. He had a teammate named Matt Anderson, who many will also remember, as he played center at Texas.

Interestingly enough, Anderson was originally from Sealy but moved to Cuero right before high school. I met him at a handful of parties in Sealy, after Sealy and Bellville got over its stupid high school off-the-field rivalries, and liked him quite a bit. It was sort of ironic in an Adrian Peterson sort of way that he moved to Cuero right before Sealy reeled off four straight state championships, one of them over Cuero.

Not since those days can I remember Cuero having teammates as talented as 2018 tight end Bralen Taylor and 2019 wide receiver Jordan Whittington.

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