“Did you ever have to make up your mind…”

Tom Herman. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Tom Herman. (Will Gallagher/IT)

….and say as to one and leave the other behind,
it’s not often easy and it’s not often kind,
but did you ever have to make up your mind.”

I appreciate the staff for establishing a consistent attitude while setting the ground rules for a new way of life in and around UT football. They want more QB’s and more competition for the position. They are offering a competitive opportunity for improvement in every drill. The chance to compete minute by minute daily is the mindset. They aren’t offering any free lunches anymore. One and done position recruiting will be by the staff’s choice in the future. No more pampering any fragile ego’s. The team is more important than the individual.

Life lessons need to be learned at an early age. Do these teenagers actually believe in three/four years from now the pro team that drafts them will only take one single first year QB to camp with them? Hell, even Cleveland won’t promise to only take one QB per class. Somewhere along the line promises overtook common sense in college ball but this staff is bringing the sense of belonging back to Austin. High school and professional football still aligns with best man plays and the competition is not life or death—it’s way more important than that.

This staff has sent a consistent message of staying true to their word to the players on campus by offering a second QB. We won’t adhere to implied demands by any individual. We won’t have any sacred personalities. Only the strong survive. If you can’t abide under these conditions then you need to find a place where your press clippings mean something. Time will tell if both of these QB recruits thrive on competition or if bruised feelings dictate a change of heart and zip code destination.

We had a somewhat similar approach with our program but not quite the same circumstances years ago. We had one golden rule that stood the test of time back in the day. The 11 toughest sumbitches made up our GL defense every year—we always found a position to align them regardless. We felt like we had the opponent where we wanted them once they hit the red zone. We had them in confined quarters where we could find them and that meant trench warfare for all 22 combatants. We felt we were never out-hit—a few ties might be argued but never lost a majority decision.

Everybody was eligible for GL defense each year—especially the QB’s. We once went 5 QB’s in a row that made their GL defensive team at Pasadena Rayburn. You want to see a leader respected—watch the sidelines light up when your QB sacrifices his body to make a play on defense. By the way, the 6th QB didn’t fail to make the elite 11 because he didn’t try. He challenged every single week for a spot on that defense. He was well respected by his teammates/staff because his spirit was willing but his talent fell a little short of his goal.

We have two quality QB’s committed today. We will have two quality players committed at several positions before this class is finished. Why should QB be any different? This staff offers quality opportunity to earn but frowns upon giving a damn thing away. Just the way it should be. Just the way it once was.

It’s Herman’s way now.