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Inside Texas Fan Forums Guidelines

Thank you for visiting the Inside Texas Fan Forums. Please review the following before posting.

As owners, operators and administrators of these forums, the Inside Texas staff reserves the right to delete threads, lock threads, or remove posting privileges of any individual at any time without warning or explanation. In extreme cases, we may pursue action with your ISP. Forum suspension or banishment is done on a case-by-case basis and will usually be done under the following circumstances:

  1. Repeated infraction of the posting guidelines below, especially after being warned
  2. When a poster shows behavior or has a history of behavior that upsets other posters or disrupts operations, even if that behavior does not break any of our guidelines
  3. When a poster appears to have come to the boards for the sole purpose of causing trouble.

However, as noted above, a poster can and will be removed at any time for reasons unspecified on this page.

Inside Texas Forum Moderation Approach: The Inside Texas free forums will be loosely moderated, with our members-only boards given more attention. As paying customers expect a higher-quality place to post, we will be addressing problems on those boards first.

Keep in mind that being a paying customer does not give you any leeway when it comes to board rules. If you are banned from our boards, you will get no refund on what you have paid for.

Fans of opposing teams will have less leeway on our boards. You are welcome to post and contribute on the Inside Texas boards, but since our boards are for fans first and foremost, you will be removed much faster for board violations, and under extreme circumstances, we may elect to temporarily keep out entire fan bases based on the previous behavior of fans of a certain team.


Inside Texas posters will be expected to abide by the following posting guidelines. Failure to do so could result in board banishment.

  • Abuse or attacks on any members of the Inside Texas staff or moderators will result in permanent, immediate banishment, no questions asked.
  • Sales of any kind are prohibited on our boards, including tickets. Spam will be deleted and spammers will be banned.
  • Trolling will not be tolerated. If you are here solely to stir up trouble or appear to be, you will be removed.
  • The NCAA governs message boards the same way they do personal, real-time contact. Use of these message boards for direct involvement in the recruiting process is strictly prohibited. No attempts to contact or sway recruits will be allowed on these boards. Under no circumstances should fans attempt to make any contact with a recruit.
  • Posting copyrighted premium material from other sites as well as Inside Texas is prohibited on this board. Also, please do not create links to competing sites.
  • Choose an appropriate message board alias. Aliases that contain foul language or borderline foul language, that match the name of a famous person or that mock other posters will not be accepted. Do not post under multiple aliases. Anyone who does this will have their posts deleted ASAP. If it happens consistently, the offender will be banned.
  • We request that you keep your posts clean as far as language, and help keep our boards organized by keeping posts on-topic. Such posts will not be actively moderated, but if you are found to be frequently and deliberately using foul language or making off-topic posts, we may elect to suspend your posting privileges. Pornographic posts or discussions of such subject matter, however, are strictly prohibited.
  • Inside Texas will no longer be making as much of an effort to dispel rumors. Fans are advised to understand that under no circumstances should an anonymous message board post be taken as a credible source. If we have discovered that someone is here for the sole purpose of starting rumors or to use our boards to damage another party, they will be immediately and permanently banned; however, we will not be making an effort to dispel every rumor or unconfirmed report that appears.
  • Criticism of players and coaches will be allowed but readers need to be advised that these are the opinions of individual posters and do not reflect the site or fans as a whole in any way. However, if the criticisms are judged to be damaging, they will be removed and the offending party could be banned.
  • Inside Texas will not be stepping in the middle of arguments between posters. We understand that from time to time, disagreements can result in heated arguments or even dislike between posters, but we request that you settle all arguments between yourselves, preferably off the board. If the arguments are not settled and elevate to the point of being disruptive, Inside Texas could elect to remove both parties from posting.
  • Please do not make posts complaining about the policies of this board. If you have an issue with a board rule, please e-mail with your concerns. Please e-mail any tech support questions or questions about subscriptions to
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