Factors and Scenarios that will have major impact on class finish

Moro Ojomo. (courtesy of Texas Athletics)

Moro Ojomo. (courtesy of Texas Athletics)

At this same point in the 2018 recruiting cycle nobody — coaches included — foresaw the following players signing with Texas: wide receiver Josh Moore, defensive lineman Moro Ojomo, defensive lineman Daniel Carson, defensive lineman Michael Williams, offensive lineman Christian Jones, and offensive lineman Mikey Grandy. Even with Grandy giving up football this grouping increased the ceiling of the class immensely.

Also at the time, the staff was engaged in long-play recruitments with cornerback Anthony Cook, linebacker Joseph Ossai, and offensive lineman Junior Angilau.

Though Texas had much of its class written in pencil by the end of the summer, there were still quite a few unknowns heading into the season and then especially between the two signing days.

In 2019, for reasons we’ve covered, there is even more uncertainty in how the class will play out. No worries, there are numerous scenarios, that if leveraged correctly, will help maximize the class by the time we focus on 2020.

Below are the scenarios with examples provided. Some recruitments will have overlapping scenarios. The more scenarios below that apply to a prospect, the better the chances for an enterprising staff of recruiters to land said player.

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