Five Quick Thoughts: Burning the Trojan horse at the gate

Joshua Moore (Will Gallagher/IT)

Joshua Moore (Will Gallagher/IT)

Evidently that was Texas’ 900th victory in program history. It was a good one and an important one for a lot of reasons. The Longhorns now have a lot more confidence going into Big 12 play than they would have had if the record read 1-2 and they were dealing with more questions about an inability to win for whatever reason.

The recruits that attended the game were treated to a big time, passionate atmosphere and a dominating win.

Perhaps most important was that Texas didn’t have to eek out a game and didn’t play down to the opponent but wrestled control of the game back from the Trojans before the half before pounding them into the ground like a tent peg in the second half. It’s very satisfying to end a game by protecting a sizable margin over a ranked (not for long, but still) opponent by running the ball down their throats and then lining up in the victory formation.

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