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I went back in 2005. Yeah, the 17-hour plane ride (I flew South African) blows: 8 hours from Atlanta to Cape Verde, an hour on the ground refueling and swapping crews, then another 8 hours to Jo'burg. We spent a couple of days in Kruger (stayed in Hazyview), did a little hunting out on the Northern Cape, and spent three days in Cape Town, specifically Camps Bay. The drive around Camps Bay down to the Cape of Good Hope is breathtaking. We also spent a day out in the wine country around Stellenbosch.

The biggest problem is all the property theft and other crime due to the high unemployment rate. Even in Cape Town you have to look over your shoulder. Out in the country, though, not much to worry about.
Our flight back was almost entirely hunters. Ordinarily I'd think whatever but Kruger could probably use a good cull because of the huge hordes of impalas and probably elephants so no problem there--plus in some cases the animals go to the villagers for food.

Supposedly you only see 5% of the park from the roads so we did a bunch of bush walks. Amazing how large animals are on foot-gigantic. It's also amazing how long it takes to see some animals in the dense underbrush that are long aware of your presence.

The garden route is beautiful. We stayed at Storms River two nights after Port Elizabeth and it was incredible and then down to Capetown.

Our guidebook said that if we came across flaming tires in the road to bypass or turn around but do not stop. There are lots of signs for absolutely no stopping because it's not safe. Several times in different places I though for sure we were going to blow out the tires of our car hitting giant potholes. At one point, weaving through the mountains the paved road stopped and we exited through the back of a construction site. The foreman laughed and let us through.

Crazy place but I can't wait to get back.

Cctxfan, your trip sounded great and relaxing.

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