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Default Who is clueless?

Sorry...Just had to post this..the last few sentences are brutal...
But when it comes to Bill Clinton and he political acumen?
And yes I know the apologists and diehards are gonna make excuses...
But?...It is still funny and true


Semper Fi
Heroes do not wear capes.
They wear Dog Tags.

Semper Fi
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The spin machines are about to overspeed.
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Great article! Spot on.
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Originally Posted by TexasPalladin View Post
But when it comes to Bill Clinton and he political acumen?

Semper Fi
Ya gotta love Bill Clinton.

Bill: Romney's career at Bain was sterling.
After talk with WH: Well, gosh, just because I don't agree with Romney politically doesn't mean I have to insult him personally.

Bill: We're in a recession - the Bush tax cuts should be renewed.
After talk with WH: Aw shucks, I shouldn't have said that about the Bush tax cuts - I agree with President Obama's position.

Bill (yesterday): Median income is now lower than when I left office.
After talk with WH: (to be determined)

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