9 Steps to Socialism...WARNING! Opinion Article

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    I don't think he's wrong in any of his premises. But...after reading it thorough once, I have a first impression sense that it's just far too...simple. But then I tend to be a wordy wonk. But there is so much more that happens along the road. Ahhhh...that's it. My subconscious knew what I was trying to say. A couple of years ago I read again"The Road to Serfdom", and I was subconsciously putting it into that context

    So of course, in comparison... but obviously that's not what this author was trying to distill into a couple of pages. And his thrust was more focused, more in relation to a few obvious current happenings germane to us, right here, right now..

    I'm tired and not thinking well. Maybe tomorrow afternoon, after I've read this article again. I'll be able to get my thoughts into some sort of order and be able to contribute a few more thoughts without quoting the whole 250 or so pages of Hayek's work. ;)

    P.S. The first time I read the Road to Serfdom, I was in my late 20's. For some reason, back in the late 60's-early 70's teachers and professors weren't putting it on reading lists or discussing it. Go figure.

    It was about the time Margaret Thatcher was beginning try to to roll back the postwar socialism of England, and when Ronald Reagan was about to at least make a start on reforms in the U.S. that I first read it. It's very possible that something I read Margaret Thatcher say got me to read it. Anyway, I took it with me and hiked about 12 miles back into the Rio Grande Wilderness between Chama, New Mexico and Antonito, Colorado. I fly-fished, thought, slept and read that book. For six days (I think, maybe only five) I saw two hikers and we said hi. And that was all my human contact until I hiked down to my truck. Anyway. I not only read the book, I read it slowly and pondered it in parts as I stayed camped on a bit of a promontory 30-40 feet above a clear mountain stream. I'd wake, and see a trout in the pool below, and go fool it with a dry fly, and that was breakfast. And then I'd read...Because I had time...and nothing but the grand, vast, skies and mountains...and freedom... of the high Rockies to allow me to really think. Anyway I guess much of my political/economic philosophy and the core of much of what I've believed ever since--about the path countries can take and why they willingly take that path into the serfdom of socialism and the authoritarianism it eventually results in becoming--came from that book, at that time, in that place.

    So. Goodnight. Look forward to maybe some more discussion tomorrow.

    being brief. :)LOL
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    I will get back to a post on this but I've been doing some pondering and looking up a couple of things and getting trusty calculator to divide a few numbers for me.

    So far the result of my calculations is that it doesn't add up to do socialism halfway...but it works if the whole world goes to one government and 100% Socialism.

    Except as soon as you allow for any actual real human behavior it all falls part. And then it gets really, really bad.

    Until you reduce the living human population to a few thousand hunter-gatherers. Then it works.

    Well, you have to do things like send the Olds and and anyone infirm out into the bush to feed the lions...and tigers...and bears. Oh my!

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    I was just amazed that you were in the wilderness between Antonito and Chama, and were reading some book about socialism. I would have just enjoyed listened to the...crickets! Or the elk whistling, depending upon the time of year.

    The current freak-out buzzword on the right is "socialism", but with a few notable exceptions, most Dems don't want anything like government takeover of industries.
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    I think the freak out is due to some of those “notable exceptions” are teed up for the 2020 election vs an unpopular incumbent.

    If it were just fringe people in your party, like AOC or someone else who had no chance at becoming the next president, i think most on the right would ignore that kind of talk.
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    Well, actually, I listen with my ears, so that kind of leaves my eyes free to even read. But I did a lot of just nothing but listening too. I mean five days and nights, no people, I purposely took no music...nothing else but the sounds of nature. As for the crickets...well if you're ever stuck in the wilderness with nothing to eat, and all you've got are a fish hook and some line...crickets make pretty good bait if you can catch one. Or...you can eat the cricket if you don't have a fish hook and line, though I can't personally imagine being that ill-prepared

    I wonder how many crickets are left in Venezuela?;)
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    So are we about 6 steps in?
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    i don't think there is a specific order as much as there is a gradual erosion of individual freedoms and liberties utilizing every means possible from indoctrination in our public schools and universities, stifling free speech/opposing views (ie, Group Think) and introducing programs that "Promise everything for nothing" (Free Stuff). The tipping point is when it reaches the point where over 50% of the population becomes dependent on the government.
    We are being told the wealth is evil, that capitalism is bad and that they only solution is a larger and more powerful government.

    Any serious student of history who looks at the United States today will say that short of remedial actions that it is on a trajectory to becoming a "Socialist State".
    We no longer celebrate rugged individualism, personal responsibility and self reliance.
    Instead we are told that we have to conform, that the reason we don't succeed is because "Big Business" is keeping us down and that we need to depend on the government for our happiness and well being.
    We are becoming a society of the "victimized" consumed with perceived grievances, and the belief that America is a evil, racist, misogynistic and oppressive country instead of the one place in the world that one has the ability to dream...and have the liberty/freedom and opportunity to actually make them come true.
    The signs are all there.
    But more than a few folks refuse to actually do a little homework and actually look around and see what is happening.

    A couple of things the article neglected to point to:
    The Press.....When the press becomes captive to a political ideology, actively participates in the narrative and promotes a agenda (Regardless of type, Socialism, Fascism, Democracy, etc) instead of being a unbiased, objective and honest chronicler of the facts and events? The path to complete and unchallenged power becomes much more attainable. Currently, except for a small percentage of sources, the Press is composed primarily composed of extreme left people who are actively pushing and supporting people like Booker, Sanders and Warren and of endorsing/enabling the agendas of the extreme left. And before you scream FOX!!! Hip, JG and the usual suspects....95%+ of the "Press" identifies as Democrat...and that is not good as the Press needs to be composed of people of all persuasions and stripes. Most of the Big 3, MSNBC, CNN,etc will refuse to hire anyone except those who believe as they do...The few "Conservatives" they do hire as a foil are tepid, timid imitations without voice, depth or impact. How a story is reported has the potential to create more damage, foster hate and divisiveness, and do more harm than good...And in the name of clicks/faces and profits our Press today is guilty of doing so.

    The Government has become a "Professional Class" instead of a Call to Service.....
    We elected a new Congressman in my district this last election. Prior to that the seat had been held by a father and son for 60 years. "Kennedy Seat" anyone?
    We have people in both parties who have made politics a career...They are no longer there to serve the people regardless of the rhetoric. Our politicians today by and large no longer feel that they actually answer to the people, rather they are beholden to the Party. Someone like AOC can get elected and over the course of a decade will become a millionaire, with their only true accomplishment being that they got elected and voted along party lines. Congress is not held to the same laws and standards as the "masses"...Rather?...They are allowed to engage in things like insider trading/real estate and business that would have any normal citizen thrown in prison. Feinstein's husband was awarded a no bid contract (2 Billion Dollars) to sell all of the old Post Office properties.
    I could go on endlessly over just how corrupt, ineffective and dangerous our government has become, but it would fall on deaf ears...or more than likely it would bring out the apologists who don't see the problem and threat.
    Our system was not designed to be led by a "Class of professional politicians" who amass power and control instead of "Servants of the People" who put Country over Party.
    But that is where we are right now...And it is our own fault.

    Semper Fi
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    It's that and more. Brushing it off as buzzword is simplistic at this point in time. Socialism is a concept that is being embraced by their party making it mainstream and more than a buzzword. Now, the party squash it if it wasn't really something they want but of course it is something they want. The only difference today is they aren't hiding it as much. Previously they just created policy centered around the idea without saying it.
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    We will see. I think maybe Bernie got the support he did because he was the only alternative to Hillary, but I could be wrong.
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    I received "more votes from young people — black, white, Latino, Asian American and Native American — than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton combined."
    Bernie Sanders on Sunday, March 10th, 2019 in speech at a rally in Concord, New Hampshire

    Did Sanders get more primary votes from young minorities than Clinton and Trump?
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