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Discussion in ' Site Help, Questions, Suggestions' started by valleyhorn, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. valleyhorn

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    I am trying to delete all my old posts after pulling content however I can only do one at a time and that is too slow. How do I do it all at once like I do on the computer. By the way SA don't bother to post some smart a** answer as I have you on ignore
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    TWIYTC Member Who Talks (A Lot!)


    Why do you want to do such a thing? I've never read anything you posted that would be considered vulgar, sexist or demeaning to women and children.

    Post on!

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  3. 10isgod

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    It's not like there's a storage limit to your post history though.
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  4. Chigger100

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    Ask Gamma on the Politics Board he is the master of deleting old posts.
  5. SAhornfan

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    Too bad you put me on ignore. That just proves to me that you have no ability to laugh at yourself. What a pathetic existence you must live.
  6. Selvinsankle

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    Well, the only thing I've gotten out of this feckless thread is never tell @SAhornfan you've put him on ignore.
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  7. atxhorn4425

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  8. motolove

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    Maybe he once pined for Mrs. SA and just can't handle his feelings?
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  9. Chigger100

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    Why put SA on ignore? I like running across old coots lawns so I can watch them get all riled up.
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  10. ClendonRoss

    ClendonRoss Co-Publisher

    valley, there is no way to mass delete posts.
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  11. atxhorn4425

    atxhorn4425 Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    This thread was really underappreciated IMHO.
  12. KBrown

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    Including this one?
  13. SAhornfan

    SAhornfan Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Because I do too and valley has no, and I mean no, sense of humor.

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