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Discussion in ' Site Help, Questions, Suggestions' started by Paul_Kemp, Jan 7, 2014.

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    Sorry for the repost, but I'm assuming my post will never be seen since it was buried in an OT thread moved to Entertainment from the Premium board. I also just noticed below that you guys are planning to update soon, so I'd love to hear what's in store beyond having a responsive design.

    It's really a usability issue. Asking people to navigate to multiple boards to post topical threads is an antiquated philosophy, and I hope to see the death of it everywhere as soon as possible. Additionally, so is the OB's model of everything goes with no ability to filter the topics.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but IT is completely independent and maintained by Momentum (which I know nothing about, but they look modern enough). This puts you guys in the unique position of being able to be cutting edge. Shaggy could as well, but they aren't selling the same thing. Conversely, OB's can't because they are handcuffed by Yahoo (same goes for 247).

    As it stands, you have fifteen different forums. Fifteen! How can you possibly expect to generate good discussion from a single user base in all of them?

    If it were up to me:
    • Create two forums: Premium and Free, each with a finite set of tags that users could apply to their topics. Have someone moderate this in addition to self-policing of the user base.
    For example, you could work with your predefined forums as a launching point: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Inside the Humidor, Inside Scoop, Politics and Current Events, Entertainment, Food and Spirits, Travel, and General.
    • All threads would be visible by default with the tag cloud positioned on the right side of the page for quick and painless filtering. SA could change his default to Football and never see another OT post. He could also add the Baseball tag and see both Football and Baseball posts only. You get the idea.
    • Implement endless scrolling and increase the number of posts visible per page. Fewer clicks, better filtering, and more freedom leads to a happier user base and more powerful way to create and consume information.
    • Create an individual post rating system. Upvotes ala Reddit, Likes ala Facebook. Many will claim its silly, but it's another great filtering method and removes sh*tposts like "THIS!" and "+1000". It also incentivizes quality posts.
    If money is an issue, you have an outstanding CS department at Texas, and I'm positive a ton of them would kill for an opportunity to get something like this in their portfolio.
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    Actually, I posted it on the main board because it had some useful information.
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    Appreciate the endorsement, kind sir. Usability is a topic that fascinates me. Dabbled in it a bit as an intern at a bioinformatics research lab, and I program a bit, so it's always something I think about while interacting with any website, especially when I can see it negatively impacting a product.
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    I doubt this site wasn't designed with this much traffic in mind.
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    (in case nobody reads this by 2016)

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