Infinity War...what's next (SPOILER THREAD!!!!)

Discussion in 'OT: Trivial Pursuits' started by JG, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. JG

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    Figured I would start another thread to discuss what happened.

    First, since I already knew that the ending was not a happy one, I was expecting Thanos to win, so that wasn't a surprise. But we all know that this won't stand, since they've already announced sequel movies for some characters that are dead.

    I think the key is with what Dr. Strange said. He knew there were 14 million outcomes, and only one where Thanos didn't win. That has to tie in with him giving the stone to Thanos to save Tony.

    I assume most of y'all got the end-credit scene? Fury was sending a message to Captain Marvel, and it was via a page, not a text. Her movie comes out in March, and it's set in the 1990s, not now. I think they'll tease Avengers 4 in it, and somehow they will go back in time and defeat Thanos before he snaps his fingers. Pretty much the only way they can do it, unless they decide to take the gaunlet from him and snap everyone back?
  2. MikeHdez12

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    Yeah, here's the elephant in your room, but there's really no other way to do it. They have to announce movies in advance. I wished I could've felt the impact of the dying heroes more, but it's hard when you know there's already more movies on the way.

    This was a key point that would've been easy to miss amongst everything that was happening during the scene.

    So, I believe the only Avengers left are the original ones, plus Ant-man. I find that interesting.
  3. MikeHdez12

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    Oh, and as I said, it's hard to feel the weight of the passing characters when you know what movies are still on the way. But when Peter Parker died, that was one of the most emotionally taxing deaths I've seen on film in awhile. It reminded me exactly of when Wade died in Saving Private Ryan, which really stung me when I first saw it and still carries quite a punch to this day. Stark is gonna feel that one for sure. He opened the movie talking about wanting to start a family with Pepper and he's been a father figure for Peter since he came into the MCU. He's gonna be a man on a mission in 4.
  4. JG

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    Speaking of Pepper, we don't know if she survived or not either, right?
  5. MikeHdez12

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    That's right. If part one was fairly Guardians heavy, I can see part two being a little Stark heavy. At least before Captain Marvel comes back. Captain Marvel gonna be played by Brie Larson, by the way. I find her quite attractive.
  6. MikeHdez12

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    And how about that final scene? Perfectly done. Thanos resting, as he said he would, and grinning. Cut to black. Straightforward credits. Soft music cue. Reminded me very much of the end of The Red Wedding. No frills, just a continuation of the somberness.
  7. MikeHdez12

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    I also didn't see Valkyrie from Ragnarok on the ship in the beginning. I liked her.
  8. Texasmade

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    For the sake of simplicity, I would think that anyone you didn't see turn to dust, is probably still ticking. Killing her off, off screen, without Tony Stark anywhere in the scene would be kind of pointless.
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  9. mytopia32

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    Man. That was some ending. I put together real quick that they are going to have to have Captain Marvel across the universe and not aware of all of this to explain her being gone through everything so far.

    I've read that the next Antman film is set before Infinity War, and will deal with that quantum space, or whatever that was, which then may play a big part in Avengers 4. So perhaps there is a way to reverse things without having to get the stones from Thanos?

    Also, we noticed the gauntlet Thanos used was damaged after the snap, so not sure if it's usable. Though, they made a point to show the mold for it is still at that forge place. So, if they do need another gauntlet, they know where to go.
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  10. MikeHdez12

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    Love the 90s, love Brie Larson, bring me Captain Marvel.
  11. JG

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    Yeah I agree, and I would bet that includes Valkyrie, since we didn't see her in what was left of Thor's ship.
  12. JG

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    Just one quibble about the movie now that I'm thinking about.

    Can we PLEASE do away with the cliche of aliens destroying New York? I know NY is the central home of the Avengers, but people running screaming down its streets and cars flying around the buildings has become a cliche.
  13. Bayou City Horn

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    So my 13 year old daughter went with a group - about 8 boys and girls. They each wore a different characters sweatshirt or t-shirt. Mine wore spider man - which added to the chaos. I wasn’t chaperoning - but the general gist was that all of the girls were a sobbing mess, including mine, and the boys got a solid dose of what they can look forward to for the rest of their lives - including the fact that they will be measured wanting against Tom Holland. Tom is going to make a fortune - he won’t be able to make a movie that these girls won’t see.
  14. Texasmade

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    Agreed, especially since Thor explicitly said that half of his people were killed. If I were a betting man, my money would be on her being a part of the other half that wasn't.
  15. MikeHdez12

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    That sucks. I was a quirky, babbling, non-threathening weirdo when I was a kid. Didn't get me a thing, least of all much attention from the fairer sex.
  16. JG

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    Hell, I'm still that way...
  17. junglerules

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    Saw it this morning with my boys. Really good, although I was very annoyed someone on Twitter the other night chose to spoil some of the deaths in the movie.... (No, I wasn't reading about the movie at all. Someone was just posting **** as comments to random threads. What an a-hole....)

    Anyway, very well done. Saw it at 9:40 this morning and the theater was packed! Like Mike mentioned previously, the audience really got into the Thor scene where he lands on Wakanda. I had to leave before the post-credit scenes, but I've been researching them since I got back. As y'all have alluded to, it definitely sounds like Captain Marvel is going to play a huge role in the next movie. Was there a second scene as well, or just that one scene with Fury in New York?
  18. JG

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    Just the one, at very end.
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  19. MikeHdez12

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    Funniest moment of the movie for you guys?

    Tony Stark calling Ebony Maw Squidward early on cracked me up. Caught me totally off guard.

    Also, Thor introducing Groot as his new friend Tree.
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  20. junglerules

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    A lot of the Thor interaction with Starlord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Drax was really good. The "Squidward" line was great, especially since my boys were with me and they love Spongebob....
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  21. JG

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    That line WAS great.
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  22. Texasmade

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    Thor calling Rocket Rabbit killed me every single time.
  23. Texasmade

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    Any one else pick on that the fact that the folks who survived were all OG Avengers? Hard to imagine that's a coincidence.
  24. MikeHdez12

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  25. MikeHdez12

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    Mantis recalling Kevin Bacon was another I just remembered.
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  26. junglerules

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    Yeah- that was great.
  27. roycee1221

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    I liked the interactions between the various guys such as Tony Stark/Dr. Strange (that line about Banner's Hulk related performance issues embarrassing Stark in front of the Wizards was a trip) and Quill/Thor. I had concerns that this film would resemble X3 with close to 15 superhero leads jockeying for screen time but the story was done pretty well overall.
  28. Robert STRONG

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    Drax was hilarious as usual. "I am Steve Rogers" might have been my favorite line.

    Tyrion as a giant dwarf, and forging a new hammer with Groot's help was fantastic.

    I feel like everyone had a good role to play. Banner was probably LVP, but he did serve two big purposes: 1. Get his ass kicked as Hulk to show Thanos' strength early on. 2. Warn Earth of Thanos. I'm guessing he will hulk out and play a bigger role in the 2nd movie also. Thor was probably MVP. He's come a long way in just a couple movies.
  29. Texasmade

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    From what I've gathered they're going to spend a good chunk of the movie in the quantum realm, which I guess in theory is supposed to shield them from Thanos being a dick. Probably gonna be a pretty sweet what the **** moment, when they get back and realize half of the peoples are MIA.
  30. TEXBTP

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    I think the good guys will win in the next movie. Captain marvel will be MVP. At least one big name gets killed off.
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  31. Texasmade

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  32. windycityhorn

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    I read that the Skrulls will be introduced in Captain Marvel, which means the next big crossover event will be Secret Invasion. If you liked superheroes fighting each other before then you’re in luck, there’s a lot more of that on the way.

    I’d be surprised if Downey and Chris Evans stay on with the franchise in anything but cameos after the next Avengers. Downey is getting old and Evans has not-so-secretly wanted out of the MCU for a while now.

    Big thumbs up overall for Infinity War. I thought it was well done.
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  33. MikeHdez12

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    Just saw it again. There is still an audible sense of shock when Tony takes the dagger to the torso.
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  34. rawb_stark

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    This is the movie I'm praying happens after this one. Secret Invasion is such an amazing story arch and they can easily take it across the entire next Phase with it being in each movie until Avengers 5.
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  35. starvedrock314

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    Best lines: Mantis: "we kick names, and take ass." Drax: "that's right."
  36. btown1110

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    I died laughing a couple times but this one still gets me for some reason

    Dr. Strange - “What master do you serve?”
    Quill - “What, do you want me to say Jesus Christ?”

    Could not stop laughing for like a minute.
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  37. MikeHdez12

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    You can imagine that one went over like a lead balloon in San Antonio, but I was rolling!
  38. JG

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    If you haven't seen Ant Man and don't want spoilers, stop...

    Any thoughts on the post credit scene?

    Thinking that part of the key is in the whatever he got in the Quantum Realm, but of course there isn't anyone to know where he is or how to get back. Maybe it will tie in with Dr Strange knowing that Tony Stark is part of the one winning combination.
  39. UTGrad91

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    What I still don't understand about Infinity Wars is why Thanos didn't kill off all the Superheroes opposing him. If he's going to kill half the people in the Universe wouldn't it make sense to take out the only people with any chance of defeating you? (I know they needed to keep some of the heroes alive to have a sequel but it still makes no sense)
  40. MikeHdez12

    MikeHdez12 Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Because he wasn't trying to kill superheroes or anybody in particular.
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