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    Just for the members and I am posting on this because I was cut off on the member board. I have been a member since back in the Heard days always paying for a full year. Last year I asked if I could just send in a check and then when the it is almost due Clendon promised to send me a notice so I could send in the $99.00 check. Well today I tried to check IT at work and the message came up saying I could not pull it up. I tried to check my account and of course that is next to impossible and I sent an e-mail in to Clendon. I got his curt answer when I got home by e-mail informing me that the membership had expired and if I would send in a check he would turn it back on. I will do that tomorrow. Would one of you please put this on the membership board so that all of you will see how IT treats a loyal regular paying longtime member. If the information was not so good I would just leave it off.
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    This is fuct up. I'd tell you to charge his script to mt, but I am pretty sure that my card on file has expired, so...awww, ****.
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    Hey valley. I've emailed you about this. Almost everything we do is automated and this was just something that slipped through the cracks. Sorry that this happened. Thanks.
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    valley, quit fluckin' whining about everything.

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