My predictions all start coming true tomorrow

Discussion in 'Politics and Current Events' started by Hiphopster, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Hiphopster

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    Cohen testifying publicly tomorrow, and behind closed doors today and Thursday, as to what he told Mueller that secured him his plea deal. Tomorrow's public testimony *will not* cover any Trump / Russia information or testimony per agreements with the Chair and Cohen's attorneys.

    That said, I was quite clear (ain't that true Shane) Trump was going to go down on several topics, including financial crimes, which will evidently be the meat of his testimony tomorrow.

    And before you conservatives browbeat me about Cohen being a liar, YES, Cohen is a giant lying sack of ****. But if he told those same lies to Mueller, he was never going to see the light of day again. As it is, come May he is gone for 4 years. And I'm 1000% sure Mueller has corroboration for much if not all of the details Cohen provided.

    TL;DR The beginning of the end started today with his testimony before Congress. Don't believe me???

    Hey @MichaelCohen212 - Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. I wonder if she’ll remain faithful when you’re in prison. She’s about to learn a lot...

    Tweet by Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz

    Somebody is scurrrred...

    Edit: A spelling fix and attribution of the quoted tweet above
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  2. Shane3

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    The RatFest begins.
  3. acreativeusername

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    That Matt Gaetz tweet is unbelievable haha
  4. Hiphopster

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    Truly jaw-dropping.
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  5. hager41

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    I don't even know who Matt Gaetz is, but did a sitting congressman really tweet that? That is unreal.
  6. Hiphopster

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    Sadly, yes. We're through the looking glass.
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  7. Shane3

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    What an idiot. He should resign.
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  8. Shane3

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    Will he claim his Twitter account was hacked?
  9. hager41

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    I don't think so as I just read that a spokesman for him said that the "tweet speaks for itself." What is this guy's connection to Trump to inspire such misguided and ill-conceived show of loyalty. (I am not sure that loyalty is a very good way to characterize it,but I couldn't think of another term for it.
  10. Toadvine

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    If he’s implicated it might also be construed as witness tampering.
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  11. hager41

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    Absolutely, and it should be. Even if he is not implicated in any of the matters of which Cohen is expected to reveal, it could still be witness tampering. The implication is obvious.
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  12. Shane3

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    It’s the curse of the Kardashians. With one retarded tweet this guy has gone from being an unknown to having national coverage. He might even be enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.
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  13. windycityhorn

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    He told reporters today he wasn't witness tampering, he was "witness testing."

    Can't write this stuff.
  14. padrehorn11

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    If there is solid evidence that will remove Trump from office I'll be pleased. Pence's reputation is that of a "traditional Conservative". A bit too 'Conservative' in some areas for my taste, but nothing I see that is egregious to me. I'd happily take him as President tomorrow at least in view of what I know about his political stances and personal behavior at present--though that's admittedly not a lot. I'll worry about that if and when your predictions bear fruit. I fear though it's going to be a long process filled with the wrong kind of uncertainty, and our nation's commerce and foreign affairs will suffer.

    My best case scenario is that Trump gets the boot fairly quickly and smoothly, Pence is not too bad, and someone I can support--without too many caveats and disagreements about major issues--is the Republican nominee in 2020. Ain't nobody gonna be 100% in line with me, which is reasonable, since I'm not always 100% in line with me. There are a number of issues about which I can see too many parts to have a clearcut yeah or nay position.

    But I think I'm decidedly on the 'conservative' end of the spectrum as we define 'conservative' today (I'm probably more like classical liberal). And that is one part of the reason I've never supported Trump, though I agree with some of the things he's done on his watch. He's certainly not a classical liberal. The other big part of the reason I'd like to see him out of office is that I find him to be a loud-mouthed boorish jerk with no impulse control or sagacity.
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  15. Shane3

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    I’m afraid your best case scenario will never happen. I see Trump being dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming.
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  16. hager41

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    That is truly unreal. Hilarious, absurd, brazen, corrupt and potentially criminal, all wrapped together in a single tweet and follow-up explanation. Remarkable.
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  17. padrehorn11

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    Yeah, I'm afraid you're right. Nothing he's ever done has shown dignity or a willingness to put the nation ahead of himself.
  18. Halas

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    I’ll wait until he actually testifies before we start counting chickens. I don’t have a dog in the hunt either way. We’ve just been told the end was near several times now.
  19. J Galt

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    I really doubt tomorrow will be a smoking gun of crimes committed. More likely it’ll be a kangaroo court designed to let Cohen answer Democrats questions that will severely embarrass the President. The President will then reiterate that Cohen’s a convicted perjurer to Congress, that he should be ignored, and that he’s making the world safe from a N. Korean nuclear threat.

    The Mueller investigation will have any substantive evidence and if Cohen possesses that type of evidence, he wouldn’t be testifying to Congress before the report is released.
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  20. kennoisewater

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    From all I’ve read about Pence, I’m afraid he might be woefully out of his depth. But then again he would still be more qualified than President Trump.
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  21. padrehorn11

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  22. horn78

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    Your predictions are nothing more than agenda driven hopes and dreams! Cohen is a proven liar. If you want an analogy, it's like you when you predicted how close Wendy Davis would be to winning her her race for the Governor of Texas. Ring a bell? And, you leftists who think that abortion after birth and the green deal are playing well with the electorate are clueless. Please keep it up, Hippity!
  23. Duke Silver

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    God help you.
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  24. Hiphopster

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    Sigh. You sound like a HS athlete that can't let go of lost glory. Yes, Davis had her ass handed to her by more than I thought she would. You act like I predicted a victory for her. Congratulations you won that now 4+ year old bet. Conversely, Beto got much closer than I thought.

    Like it or not, Texas is now a purple state. To wit, Trump has a 51-42 disapproval rating in Texas. In a perfect storm scenario, Republicans could lose the state and its 38 electoral votes in 2020. And if not 2020, 2024. And if not 2024, then 2028. It's coming like a zombie you can't kill.

    Also, let it be clear that you are propping up this historic abomination of an administration. Tomorrow it will be clear Trump is guilty of financial crimes and is a felon in waiting. And soon his other crimes will come to light. I'm glad I won't have to answer the questions of my children or relatives and friends about my acquiescence to his slow treason train. So if anyone here should be embarrassed, look in the mirror. Enjoy your night.
  25. Hiphopster

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    Suck on my asshairs.
  26. Horns1960

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    I think you’re mixing up your message boards.
  27. Shane3

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    Where do you see treason?
  28. Hiphopster

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    Treason is defined, at least Constitutionally, as the crime of betraying one's country by way of "adhering to their enemies, giving them Aid..."

    That will be made clear as the entire story is told. And I have faith that Mueller will find treasonous behavior was at play. And if not treason, gross espionage on an unimaginable level from our very own POTUS.

    So in furtherance of this, I'll simply leave you with the allegations that will undoubtedly be shown in Trump's behavior and promises to Putin in Helsinki. The secret meetings in the Seychelles with Eric Prince are top of mind as well. And of course the infamous Trump Tower meeting. I'll link a couple stories on these. And just to be clear, there are lots of other instances where shady meetings have been discovered that were lied about between Trump administration officials and Putin's cronies and envoys.

    Edit: here's one more

    So if you're keeping score at home, at minimum, portions of the CIA and FBI leadership thought / think it was possible our ****ing president was selling out our country.

    I cannot even imagine Hillary being in a similar lot and receiving a similar detached approval as he does on this board. Many, if not most on this board will still vote for the guy should -- by a miracle -- he manages to be the nominee in 2 years.
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  29. windycityhorn

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    Cohen's opening statement. Read for yourselves.

    Things I thought were interesting but not that I necessarily believe:

    In July 2016, days before the Democratic convention, I was in Mr. Trump’s office when his secretary announced that Roger Stone was on the phone. Mr. Trump put Mr. Stone on the speakerphone. Mr. Stone told Mr. Trump that he had just gotten off the phone with Julian Assange and that Mr. Assange told Mr. Stone that, within a couple of days, there would be a massive dump of emails that would damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

    It has long been rumored that Mueller has a witness who overheard Trump on the speakerphone with Stone talking about Wikileaks.

    Sometime in the summer of 2017, I read all over the media that there had been a meeting in Trump Tower in June 2016 involving Don Jr. and others from the campaign with Russians, including a representative of the Russian government, and an email setting up the meeting with the subject line, “Dirt on Hillary Clinton.” Something clicked in my mind. I remember being in the room with Mr. Trump, probably in early June 2016, when something peculiar happened. Don Jr. came into the room and walked behind his father’s desk – which in itself was unusual. People didn’t just walk behind Mr. Trump’s desk to talk to him. I recalled Don Jr. leaning over to his father and speaking in a low voice, which I could clearly hear, and saying: “The meeting is all set.” I remember Mr. Trump saying, “Ok good…let me know.” What struck me as I looked back and thought about that exchange between Don Jr. and his father was, first, that Mr. Trump had frequently told me and others that his son Don Jr. had the worst judgment of anyone in the world. And also, that Don Jr. would never set up any meeting of any significance alone – and certainly not without checking with his father.

    Pretty weak sauce, speculative at best. But it's always been very hard to believe Trump didn't know about the Trump Tower meeting in advance. Pretty sure that one wasn't about adoption, either.

    Wednesday should be entertaining if nothing else.
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  30. Hiphopster

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    Butina, a Russian agent, just agreed to a deal for further cooperation. She was at that meeting, which for those unaware was set up to discuss having Russian cooperation to help Donald Trump's election efforts in exchange for easing of sanctions related to the Magnitsky Act. The Magnitsky Act exists to prevent bad guys, including Putin and his fellow kleptocrats, from accessing their ill gotten gains stashed in foreign banks. This is quid pro quo espionage that damaged one candidate in a case of unthinkable election fraud, however fruitful that fraud was.
  31. padrehorn11

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    If you believe Cohen, Trump is a racist, a cheat, and a conman, who has always put his own interest ahead of our country's. I don't know if Cohen is telling the truth about the incidents that back those statements or not. But since Trump he declared his candidacy I've never had any doubt that at least some of conclusions Cohen lists are true. I'm dubious that they will be enough for Senate conviction, in fact I see almost no way Republican Senate will convict. We'll see, but I still think it's all a waste of time. But if keeps the Democrats too occupied to yap so much about their terrible economic ideas and make any progress about the really stupid laws they seem to like, I'm fine with them wasting their time.
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  32. mcb0703!

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    A felon, a porn star, & a serial domestic abuser walk into a bar...oh wait, that's right, these are the 3 best witnesses against Trump
  33. TexasPalladin

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    Change the third one to a serial sexual predator and you have a Bill Clinton joke.

    Semper Fi
  34. 40A

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  35. Duke Silver

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  36. Duke Silver

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  37. calvin farquhar

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    This thread is turning into everything I thought it would given content and author.
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  38. texvet16

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    He's a convicted liar who has absolutely zero credibility . So, unless he walks in with video footage of Trump committing crimes I could give a **** less what he has to say. His 15 minutes of infamy are almost up, soon he'll be sharing a jail cell with bubba.
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  39. cctxfan

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    Not just Bubba, but Manafort and a host of other Trump associates. But no matter, beyond the soap opera today, it really matters little what Cohen says. Most of it will not be corroborative and folks have already made up their minds. Even were some of it proven to be true, still wouldn't matter. Republicans in Congress have dug in and whether they love Trump, or hate him, they are beholden to Trump's base and no way are they going to risk pissing off their electorate and jeopardizing their chances in 2020. Hell, only 13 GOP Reps voted to reverse Trump's emergency declaration.

    The bed has been made.
  40. 40A

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    This is a lot of nothingness.

    Cohen is a liar, being tried as one, and his testimony means nothing because of that and only because of that.
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