Tim Conway has died

Discussion in 'OT: Trivial Pursuits' started by hornfish, May 14, 2019.

  1. hornfish

    hornfish Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    85 years of laughter...a life well lived. RIP
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  2. MikeHdez12

    MikeHdez12 Member Who Talks (A Lot!)


    And now Barnacle Boy's watch is ended. RIP.
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  3. hornfish

    hornfish Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    I prefer to remember him like this:

  4. Procyon

    Procyon Member Who Talks

    Truly, the best comic actor ever. RIP, Tim.
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  5. BEW

    BEW Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Funny, funny guy. Used to watch him on McHale’s Navy way back when. Always loved how Harvey Korman couldn’t keep a straight face when they were in a sketch together on Carol Burnett
  6. mcarter

    mcarter Member

    Sad day he was one of the best.
  7. Bandit18

    Bandit18 Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    The world is a little less funny today...:(
  8. BobInHouston

    BobInHouston Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    One reason for this was because Tim was a writer for the show. He would write the sketch, and then go off script... so Harvey had no idea what was coming.
  9. BEW

    BEW Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    I didn't know that. Thanks
  10. BobInHouston

    BobInHouston Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    I didn't either. Heard it on a portion of an old interview with TC that was replayed this morning. Made it so much more understandable.
  11. hornfish

    hornfish Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    He went off script all the time, that’s what messed all of them up. That one I linked was completely improvised.
  12. Bull Horn

    Bull Horn Member Who Talks

    RIP - he was truly one of a kind.
  13. Jonathan Wells

    Jonathan Wells Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    This is the Conway/Korman sketch I heard referenced most often after Conway died. I'm surprised I'd never seen it before.

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  14. rodofdisaster

    rodofdisaster Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    My dad used to let me try to stay up to watch The Carol Burnett Show and when I was really little I would always fall asleep. So much comedic talent on that show. Real talent. Tim Conway especially.

    I remember so many laugh-so-hard-your-diaphragm-spasms laughters.
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  15. Bobcat 9

    Bobcat 9 Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Saturday night was the best night for TV. Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, Newhart.
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